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  1. For MS programs with no research requirement, such as Stanford, do you think it is necessary to look into the research at the program and mention in the SOP which professors one would be most interested in doing research for? I am having trouble with this, since my interests are more applied, in biostatistics, finance, etc., and a lot of the research in statistics is heavily theoretical, i.e., developing new methodology, etc. Would it just be acceptable to state these areas of interest? My ultimate goal is just to work after I get my MS, maybe do some research over the summer. Any insight you
  2. Thanks for the reply and info. Not sure if I want to commit 4 years to a PhD yet.
  3. I am looking to apply to either stats MS programs or data science MS programs, but I need more information about both in order to decide which to apply to, and so I have a few questions: In your opinion, do stats MS programs provide enough training in applied and technical skills to work as a statistician or data scientist in industry? In looking at the curricula of many stat MS programs, it seems there is a heavy focus on theory and not as much focus on actually preparing one to work as a data scientist. E.g., not very much focus on how to actually apply machine learning models practica
  4. Thanks for the insight 1. Sufficient even for top 10/ivy league ms programs? 3. Not sure if I want to get a PhD at this point.
  5. Hello, I just have a few miscellaneous questions relating to MS programs in stats/data science: 1. Do you think my GRE score of V: 165 Q: 165 is good enough to get into top 10 schools? What about Ivy League schools? I have seen the average quant scores at these types of schools to be 167+. I am considering retaking it because on practice tests, I did better on the quant section (167, 168), but worse on the verbal section (163, 162). I assume the rest of my application would give me a decent shot at top 10 schools. 2. Are lower ranked (based on USNWR rankings) Ivy League schools (and
  6. I got V: 165 and Q: 165. Do you think a higher Q score would significantly help my chances of getting into top 10/Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Chicago, MIT, etc.? I am considering retaking it since I got V: 162 Q:168 and V:163 Q:167 on my 2 practice tests
  7. Thanks for all responses, this is quite helpful
  8. I'm wondering if I could get some advice on what tiers of schools I should apply for, given my background? I am going to apply for an MS in stats (Fall 2021). Demographics: Biracial domestic male (Half-asian, half-white) Undergrad: UIUC (big ten, very strong physics program)~#37 rank in stats. Major: Physics GPA: 3.82 overall, 3.76 major GPA. Got a B+ freshman year in Calc 3, all B+/B's one semester junior year when I took 5 math/phys classes, otherwise all A+/A/A- Coursework: Calc 1, 2, 3 (A, A-, B+), Diff EQ (A-), Linear Alg. (B+), Discrete Math (B+), Re
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