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  1. GroupMe link: easier to chat, ask questions,send updates join if you would like. This will also make for easier connections. https://groupme.com/join_group/64222194/lIULxhuA
  2. Yes- this website is tricky lol. I kind of want to make a Groupme- quick messages and easier to respond. Not sure if people would join though.
  3. Thank you And congrats to you and CU! 🥳 And yes, I am applying for Fall 2021 in person. And definitely- I will message you!
  4. I am applying for on campus. I thought about online-- but I want to do in person for the field palcements in that area and live in a new place. I am from Nor cal, so it would be a big change. You are online right? Also, are you doing online at BU? (Congrats btw!!)
  5. Yes! I totally feel you. And same here. I am trying to get CU in by the first- they essays aren't too bad though. I would say really follow the prompts and try to expand as much as you can to meet the word count/page req.
  6. Hey! How did your interview go? what did they ask? I am thinking of applying. I am almost done with my Columbia and Tulane app. I will keep updated if I hear anything
  7. Hey hey! Congratualtions!! I am also applying to Tulane soon- can I ask when you applied/when you got in? Also, I would try and reach out to Sierra Kilpatrick- skilpatrick@tulane.edu. She may be able to guide you in the right direction!
  8. hey! wow- you completed your apps already?! I am in the works with my statements rn. I hope to have everything in and completed by early November. I am leaning more towards east coast as I am from Nor cal and stayed close for undergrad. What about you?
  9. Ooh I have the same question about submitting LOC's. Do you think it would be easy/acceptable that once you get the all or at least most of the links for the recommenders-- to make a list in an email for each of them to go through and have easy access? I am still not quite sure how that system works, especially since it is not centralized. I am also applying to a lot of school (around 10) so I want to make sure the process goes smoothly. any tips help!
  10. Hey! I say apply to as many as you can but more importantly apply to a good medium of choices and have some "safety" choices for back up. I am definitely applying to around 10 schools which idk maybe that is a lot! haha
  11. Hi there! I am also applying to a lot of the same schools in CA. For the Stats Req, I would reach out the schools and see if that class would count. I would try and obtain the syllabus from that class and send it to at least a few of the schools to make sure it counts It's great that you have that position- I would definitely add that and add literally any other from of service you've done (even from the end of High School Maybe?). It's tricky becuase they want to see a lot of involvement.
  12. @Minhessica yeah, I don't think so either. They also have yet to update the deadlines under the "apply" tab. So hopefully soon!
  13. Hey @monavocado ! I have only attended a few with UCLA so far. They are pretty interesting, especially when you are able to see alumni panels. People have asked application and field work questions during the webinars. I am going to try and attend more soon. I think @LML2021 has been to more. For my letters of REC, I am going to make sure I have asked my three recommenders by Sept. 5, just to give them enough time to write. I am hoping to have all of my apps done by mid November, so I have enough time to make sure everything is in and confirmed by the schools. On some other thread
  14. @LML2021 hey! That's great. I am trying to attend more virtual webinars this month. So I have a list of about 15 right now that I am narrowing down. (lol) I have a lot of California schools on my list and a few in Boston and New York. I think I definitely want to apply to a solid 10 schools. I am starting to work on apps and getting LOR's this month and want to hopfully be done in Novemeber/December. I am from California and would be happy with EC or CA. I think it would be nice to live on the EC for a change.
  15. Hi! I created a forum where I hope people will share their MSW app tips, decisons, etc.. -search this: "MSW Applications Fall 2021" I think based on other forums I have read, the earlier the better. Many schools are rolling admission and fill up spots as apps come in. Also, if you submit earlier, you will have more time to catch errors and get make sure your documents are all properly in
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