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  1. Although it may be a little different, I work in the nonprofit sector as a fundraiser – first in arts & culture and now for a social organization that focuses on gender equality/girls eduction. I got my masters in nonprofit management/arts admin a few years ago and I would recommend the second option, accepting the job offer and trying to do the grad program PT. I've seen so many of my friends take full-time jobs while going to grad school and I also took on like two internships every semester, so basically was working everyday. The fact that most are evening classes makes this doable. Als
  2. Still nothing. Also mentally and emotionally exhausted. Just sitting here refreshing the forum & results page every hour.
  3. Has anyone heard from NYU or know of those who did? I'm starting to think that maybe the interview invites have already gone out...
  4. Hi, I'm on my third draft for my statement of purpose and am currently having some serious doubts about it. I would greatly appreciate a fresh pair of eyes to read over it and give me some feedback. This SOP is for the PhD program in American Studies at NYU (interdisciplinary studies - with my research interests in visual culture; social and political theory; cultural policy; urban inequality) Please message me if you're willing to help out this lost soul. Thank you!!
  5. Hi All, I'm planning to submit my application for the American Studies Ph.D. program at NYU this December (for Fall 2021 semester start) and was wondering if anyone had insights to the program and/or tips for the application. I attended NYU for both my undergrad and Masters and worked at a contemporary art museum in fundraising for two years before deciding to leave earlier this month to focus on Ph.D applications while also looking for other development positions in the nonprofit sector. My research interest lies in the intersection of art, social justice, and philanthropy -- which
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