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  1. Hi everyone! I'm applying for the CGS-M in Ontario. I have a supervisor willing to take my on and she has helped me with the project proposal, however I am wondering if it would be beneficial to include her name on my research proposal as she is an expert in the field. However, I am also applying to different schools and/or programs so would including the supervisor name throw them off (would it influence their decision to give me the award if my supervisor is not part of their faculty?) Thanks in advance.
  2. Need some advice. Would appreciate insight from people who have applied for the CGS-M. I'm planning to apply for the CGS-M but I don't have that much research experience. I didn't do a thesis but I have one publication in an undergraduate journal (nothing too rigorous). I am currently doing some research with a non-profit (supervised by a prof) but still haven't completed the ethics review so very preliminary. My GPA in the last 2 years of undergrad is nearly a 4.0. I have a prof who is willing to take me on as a master's student and she is helping me develop the proposal, which will be v
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