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  1. What's this for? Are you supposed to just go there at random times?
  2. Btw, one professor who I worked with in the comp neuro field said his lab is recruiting new phd students. He’s a new faculty at University of Texas El Paso - not one of the top name schools, but he’s a great caring advisor and has many exciting projects in comp neuro which generated great publications as well. He directly mentored me in a project that eventually published in a very high impact journal where he was the first author, which helped me a lot in my application cycle. If anyone is interested, please message me! Their biology department phd application is due Feb 1st.
  3. Do you have computational backgrounds? If not, programs like neuromatch specifically train you on comp neuro skills so I’d recommend that over the summer. Some other summer schools also help a lot! Since you are already at Harvard, you should definitely reach out to some professors there to ask if you could do research w them as an intern. Feel free to message me for specific professors in comp neuro, but they are also not hard to figure out from their websites. I’d also look at other schools and professors whose websites will say that they are looking for summer interns or just “un
  4. Where did you end up going and why? Would you mind sharing here or DM me?
  5. Wow, that is really inspiring. Congrats on getting multiple interviews this year! That's a bummer about NYU though. From what I saw in this thread it looks like NYU is done sending invites? There are a couple PIs I contacted there who expressed interest in my backgrounds and I would love to talk to, but I haven't received anything from NYU so far. Also agreeing that LoR and connections that PIs can make for you are the most important thing, at least in my application packets.
  6. Any Columbia Neurobiology & Behavior PhD program interviewees here? I'm going for the Feb interview, but really curious how the Jan interviews might go. If anyone is going to the Jan interview, and wouldn't mind keeping in contact and discuss about interviews for this program or other schools, please message me!
  7. I applied to the neurobiology of behavior and cognition track. Sounds like the invitation timing is clustered by track.
  8. Also got an invite from Columbia this morning! Best Christmas gift ever! International with US degree here. Good luck everyone!
  9. I feel that they are sending out invites one by one, given the time span of emails received. Also the invitation letter filename has my last name in it, so high chance that someone has to hand-edit that?
  10. Just got an invite from Harvard!! I'm shaking. I'm an international student with US undergrad/masters degrees.
  11. Would really love to talk to not only faculty but also their grad students!
  12. Damn, now I'm nervous... Haven't heard anything from NGG. Hope they are not done sending out invites...
  13. Hope everyone's applications are going smooth! I contacted a few PIs before the deadline (specifically the UPenn NGG program) and asked to meet, and a couple of them got back to me. However, they proposed dates that are after the deadline. Ofc I still said yes. Now these meetings are coming up, and I'm feeling a bit confused - are these considered mini-interviews then? Should I treat these as in normal interviews?
  14. I have a couple of dumb questions on the NYU Neuro application requirement this year... 1. Did the GSAS application specify a word-limit? 2. What is that separate computational/systems neuroscience optional statement? I want to apply to computational, so my SOP already talks about why that's what I want to do and why I'm qualified. So how is that second statement different?
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