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  1. I did too! I'm so thrilled! Also, I received my email of admission at least four hours after you posted this (and after 6pm EST), so it seems that they're being sent out one-by-one for those who are still waiting anxiously for news.
  2. I received an invitation to Brown's interview day for Health Services Research this morning, but they may still be sending others, because it isn't until next Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  3. I think it depends on the school and program. At a BU Health Services Research webinar this fall a faculty member said that a large fraction of applicants will have a 30 minute phone interview with a pair of faculty in January, then a subset will be invited to an interview / prospective students day in mid-February. He guessed that last year they invited 23 students and 8 were accepted.
  4. For anyone like me who has been panicking about submitting to SOPHAS too close to the December 1 deadline to be verified - my second letter of recommendation was submitted yesterday (Sunday afternoon) and my application was verified in less than 12 hours! Good luck to all
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