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  1. What are the chances of getting off a waitlist at this point?
  2. Does anyone know when we should expect UCSD decisions to come out?
  3. Has anyone gotten their schedule for next week’s UCSD interview yet?
  4. I just emailed the coordinator, will let you know when I get a response!
  5. Not to bum everyone out, but I don’t think being waitlisted for interviews is very likely for many programs. Programs interview sometimes 2x more people than they send offers to, and send offers to more people than they expect will matriculate. They have waitlists for after the interview in case their yield is too low than they expected. My heart goes out to all who didn’t get interviews, but just know that it’s not personal and this cycle is much more competitive than any other year, sometimes these things are just a cr*pshoot.
  6. Yes. The interview is on Friday and all details have been finalized.
  7. How many domestic students do they invite? I’m trying to see what that ratio would look like for ngg
  8. Has anyone heard from Stanford neuro? The results page seems to be filled with A’s again
  9. I can’t receive calls because I’m abroad, so this makes me extra nervous😅
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