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  1. I assume so, yes. I'm an international applicant myself and was told that all the BIG interviews had been sent out, unfortunately. I do feel as though they interview relatively few internationals, since the vast majority of their current students are American. I think I saw maybe one or two current students who are non-American.
  2. FYI to all those waiting on Harvard BIG, they've already sent out all of their interview invites.
  3. You're right, they probably are, but that's why I applied mainly to private schools since they typically have fewer issues with internationals...Berkeley states on their website that they only accept like 1 or 2 internationals a year lol. I wish other schools stated this so I wouldn't waste my time 🙄.
  4. Did you guys have papers? Are you masters students? I'm trying to figure out why I'm not getting interviews...I'm also Canadian so maybe that works against me 😒
  5. Yeah I've been taking more Ls than I expected the last few days lol, let's hope they don't send them all at once...
  6. Damn... Is Harvard out today already? Feeling a bit annoyed now...hopefully my recommenders didn't screw me over...
  7. Dang it seems like everyone got an interview at Princeton 😥... Did you all have Master's degrees? I had 3 years of undergrad research and a 3.89...sad. Are all the interview emails out? Edit: Also, anyone heard from Stanford BMI?
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