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  1. Thank you for taking the time to answer questions! Have all interviews already been sent out for this cycle? I applied, and I assumed if I have not heard back yet then it’s probably a rejection 😬
  2. Hahaha I cant say I’m that dedicated, Gmail counted it for me
  3. Yale sent an email to all interviewees of the BBS program and forgot to hide the recipient emails (whoops, LOL). It was sent out to 300 people, and since there’s 8 tracks I assume about 38 people per track received invites. Wanted to share because I was asked before how many invites they were sending out!
  4. They didn’t mention how many interviews they sent out, but I don’t think they’re done sending out invites. Interview weekends are feb 12-13 and feb 26-27. There will be additional “live” events in mid January.
  5. I received an interview invite via the phone last week for Yale. Today it received another email from the DEI officer, and in it they mentioned that they received 400 applications this year. I know people are curious about the amount of applications, so just wanted to share
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