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  1. Ah thanks yall. Well what's that old phrase, like "writing is writing is writing"? I was thinking the same would be true for painters. Painting is painting is painting. And curatorial would just be viewed as a distraction and not necessarily serious.
  2. I have a question, if anyone has insight. I'm a painter, but I do curatorial work in part to support myself financially. Do you think curatorial projects and/or published writing on my CV would be viewed (1) neutrally, (2) favorably, (3) unfavorably, when applying to painting MFA programs?
  3. So it's time already?? haha, but thank you for putting this out there.
  4. Hey all, I'm here to share my results for Bard MFA in Painting. I applied once before and was rejected. Received an invitation to interview this time around, which put me over the moon. On March 12th I was notified that I was on the waitlist. And today I was informed I've been rejected. Waitlist news was devastating -- seeing the writing on the wall -- but this rejection, I think I can more easily accept. I feel okay. I'm old so this may be the end of my MFA dreams, but it's okay. But there are other routes forward I can see for myself and that's the important thing.
  5. Yes, def considering low res programs. I only applied to low res programs actually. Which ones did you apply to/or are considering going to?
  6. Waitlisted as well. This hurts. I was rejected once before and felt so close. Gut-wrenching, really
  7. Definitely was told the 12 in the interview. But the website says 12-15? Missed that. Totally possible they're delaying because of this being such a confusing administrative situation
  8. me too! edge of the edge. my understanding from a very helpful forum mate is that in the past, bard makes calls
  9. Absolutely the boat i'm in. hard to handle my nerves. what program did you apply to?
  10. Ah man I'm sorry to hear that -- was that your top choice?
  11. For those who interviewed this weekend at Bard, how yall feeling? My nerves are sky high and I guess we have to wait till Friday for the decision? 😵 So nervous.
  12. 123123435

    Bard MFA Q&A

    I'm nervously waiting!
  13. Did you look at SAIC equally across MFA programs/departmetns, or were there certain ones more important for you? How did the low res SAIC compare to the other ones?
  14. I know this is a cliche, but if the work is that good, I can easily imagine the artist from North Texas getting the pick. Something else: if youre cool yourself, I really don't think you need to go to a cool school. That's to say, I think image matters, but I don't think you need to rely on a brand name school for that image.
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