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  1. Hi everyone, My admission cycle has officially come to an end after getting accepted to NYU's MCC Ph.D. program. I received a call a couple of hours ago and I am still processing this new reality. It has been a tough ride but I am happy that it paid off. I am also writing this to share my journey, hoping that future applicants can be guided by my experiences. I am an international student completing my MA degree here in the US. My bachelor's degree is from my home country and my research interest centers on news media and what shapes their coverage of contentious issues. I beg
  2. Hi. I am a fellow International Student. My advise would be wait for the funding decision before requesting the I-20. This is because the funding will be reflected in the I-20 document which is crucial when applying a US visa. Those officers will check and if you get full funding it demonstrates that the department will play a part in taking care of you financially. So just wait since the funding will be out hopefully by April 15. And you can always apply the visa in early May (after Ramadan) and you will get soon enough. That's what I did. Got my I-20 with funding, applied early May and had m
  3. hi! Yes! I got waitlisted as well. I was also wondering the same. Is UT your top option?
  4. Congrats! ASU is a good school! Some schools do this. It means they have more admitted students than they can fund. So they are waiting for extra funding to give to the unfunded students. This happened to me in 2019 in my MA applications. Mizzou (the communication department not the J school) admitted me and waitlisted me for funding. The chair reached out and mentioned that they are waiting for funding details and this was in April but I had already accepted another offer.It is always good to have options. I hope you have applied to other schools as well.
  5. I wouldn’t recommend that since it’s too early. So long as you haven’t received an explicit rejection, you still got a shot. I’m sure we will get decisions in the next two weeks.
  6. Stay strong. It’s too early. I’m keeping myself busy and trying to avoid this forum to reduce the anxieties. hoping for the best.
  7. Interesting to hear that. Let’s hope for the best. I didn’t mention Sharon but I guess she was there since she’s the grad committee chair. I’ll keep you posted. It’s one of my top choice too
  8. Hey! Congrats! They said the “next few weeks” so maybe by mid February. Did you get interviewed by Dr Sharon?
  9. It’s one of my top choices. Waiting to hear from the rest before deciding.
  10. Hi. Yes. I got accepted to Rutgers and interviewed UT Austin. Waiting for the rest. Any update on your end?
  11. Hello good people and thanks for this thread. 2020 was tough so congrats to everyone on managing to put forward solid applications. No matter what happens, I believe the fact that we made the applications is a massive achievement. I applied to Columbia J school, NYU, Rutgers, UPenn, UT Austin, Indiana University, and Harvard (a different program). No feedback yet. Best of luck to you all. Thanks!
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