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  1. HI everyone, Not related to admissions but I thought I would post this here since this thread is so popular. Can everyone sign this petition asking Columbia CSSW to use work study to pay for field placements? It takes 10 seconds. Even if you don't attend or are eligible for work study I think it's important because it addresses financial need and the equity issues that are inherent in social work. Also please DM me if you want to make a case to you social work school! I have a list of federal guidelines and evidence backed reasons for any school that received federal work study to make fi
  2. Just got into Columbia! I applied Dec 1st, no word on funding yet. I hope it comes soon in case I need to appeal. I have one decision due April 1st and 2 due the 15th.
  3. Has anyone successfully appealed UPenn's financial aid? Was there a form to fill out or did you just email them? Were you successful and what was the turnaround time? I'm wondering if I have enough time to get a response before my decisions due on April 1st.
  4. It's cssw-admit@columbia.edu, they also have an automated reply on right
  5. Did anyone get an email from UMich about missing financial aid documents?
  6. I doubt CSSW will get to you before March 12th. From my understanding, a lot of us who applied Dec 1st are still waiting for a decision and were told we'd get one "by March 1st" which is looking more like mid-March. I wouldn't say it's impossible though. I'd guess that they'd be eager to give out decisions to spectacular candidates who applied for the Feb deadline sooner rather than later. The best thing you can do is ask BU for an extension and just explain you're waiting on other schools. I can't speak to Columbia's financial aid since I still haven't gotten a decision back but I
  7. Everyone who I know who has gone to Uchicago concentrated in social administration but the people I know who have gone to Columbia who have done clinical have loved it. Things I have heard have included attentive and supportive professors, creative experimental learning, and a great cohort. Also I have heard super positive experiences with field placements. I can't speak to SSA's clinical track but I know that some of the people I've spoken have said it's a tossup with field placement experience.
  8. Has anyone called Columbia this week or heard anything about when they'll release decisions?
  9. Hey guys, I just got accepted into BU. Email came with scholarship information.
  10. I got the call the last week of January and within two weeks a decision was posted on the portal which said that I would get an official letter soon.
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