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  1. You are the absolute best. Waiting for the update and thank you for everything. And if everything works out in my favour, I'm going to treat you to the bestest Indian food! (I'm from India)
  2. Thank you so very much. So very grateful. Thank you thank you thank you. This is a very anxiety ridden time. Any help is welcome - it would be great if you could ask! This wait is unbearable.
  3. Thank you so much for the encouraging response! ❤️ When can I expect to hear back about the admission decision? Will I be notified separately? Slightly confused as I heard that decisions are extended without interviews too.
  4. Hello! I have applied for a DPhil in Music! Applied for Ertegun too! Haven't recieved an interview invite yet. Does this only mean bad things?
  5. Hey! When did you get an invite for interview? And if I may ask, which program did you apply to?
  6. Thank you so so much! I saw a couple of Development Sociology decisions. So I am guessing it isn't the same timeline for Sociology too?
  7. Hey! New to this thread! Has anyone heard back from Cornell Sociology?
  8. Same!! I had the same experience with UW Madison too this cycle. Best of luck to you too! May our paths cross!
  9. Hey! Just saw someone post on the results page about an interview invite from Northwestern Screen Cultures! Anyone here to claim it?
  10. Hey! Does this mean they will send out the invites by end of Feb? Sorry slightly tensed!
  11. Hey! Any news from Comm Arts (Media and Cultural Studies) at UW Madison / Screen Cultures at Northwestern?
  12. Hey! I have applied to Wisconsin-Madison's Communication Arts PhD program! Has anyone received an interview invite yet? Very anxious!
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