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  1. I just received the acceptance letter! I'm super excited!! I can't believe it. I applied to 6 universities and got rejected by the other 5. So I will take this place! I hope you'll get off of the waitlist!!! Best of lucks!
  2. ¡Hola! ¿Alguien en este grupo aplicó a ILAC (Iberian and Latin American Cultures) en Stanford? ¿Tienen noticias? He visto que ya han llamado a personas de otros departamentos del DLCL (como francés o italiano), pero no he escuchado nada de ILAC. Si alguien sabe algo, ¿podría contarme? Se los agradecería mucho. ¡Espero les esté yendo muy bien en sus procesos!
  3. Hi! I'm from a different concentration language but I wanted to ask if that letter from Duke Romance Studies (I received it too) means that we are accepted or not. Does someone know about that? I don't know if I can assume an acceptance or not! Thank you in advance for the response and good luck to everyone!
  4. Thank you for your response. I am anxious because I haven't heard anything about Stanford and there is no news on the results page. On the other hand, I was invited to interviews by Princeton and Duke! 😃 Any specific tips for Princeton (is one of my top choices)? I'm so nervous!
  5. ¡Hola! Does anyone know when do Berkeley and Stanford start to release decisions? 😰
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