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  1. Wow congratulations! Just curious what your research interests are?
  2. Hey I was wondering if you heard back from Syracuse? Had an interview with them too and have heard nothing back?
  3. Hey guys! So far gotten only rejections from Cornell, Michigan and CMU. Had an interview last week with Syracuse but haven't heard back, so am thinking even that's probably not happening. Hard luck I suppose.
  4. Ahh well it varies from school to school. Cornell and Michigan were very basic emails about applying. The others however I've had zoom calls and discussed the research and the fit for their programs. They got me in touch with grad students about applying. And I've even exchanged emails about recent publications with them. So I don't know. The waiting is terrifying.
  5. I genuinely think they want only a certain class of international students to come to this program which is actually really terrible and not worth the effort if you ask me.
  6. I know that it was a complete crapshoot. As most admissions are, but I found how they forced the TOEFL scores to be only valid for 18 months instead of two years to be completely off and honestly kind of elitist against international students.
  7. I'm convinced I have no chance with Cornell so I'm not too sure. But the CMU lack of interviews give me some hope. I'm just honestly relieved about not applying to Berkeley considering how it seems to be utter devastation last week.
  8. Hey I've also applied for PhDs in information and HCI so far I've spoken to professors at : - CMU HCII - Syracuse I school - university of Toronto - IUPUI which went relatively well and they seemed excited but no interview. I also applied to Cornell and Michigan and had email exchanges with professors there however no interviews at both schools. Pretty miserable with the wait so far.
  9. Wow thanks that helped. I think they all said they wanted to work with me. But it is a weird cycle and I'm not sure about what to expect.
  10. Hey I reached out to them around August last year and had zoom calls about my research and their labs and stuff so I was surprised I've heard nothing yet.
  11. Feel you, an i-school applicant here with no clarity in sight. Pretty miserable without knowing what's happening.
  12. Thanks so much. Truth be told I've asked professors if they've got funding and whether they liked my topics and most of them did. It just so annoying because you are a person and all this uncertainty makes it hard to concentrate on the present, you know? I know applications is a crapshoot. But still
  13. I'm applying to predominantly i-schools, focussing on how technology affects agency in the labour force, specifically how care workers are affected by technology in being able to negotiate for better working conditions. I've applied to Michigan, Cornell, CMU, Syracuse, IUPUI and Toronto.
  14. I had in depth zoom calls with profs about my research interests and whether it was a good fit to what they were doing and only applied to those schools that seemed to think so. I even had email exchanges about new publications recently with some of them. But no interview invitations. So I'm feeling quite lost.
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