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  1. They just sent an email saying they have awarded all funds. Loved the false hope from admissions but glad I put in my deposit for Penn in time. Good luck to you all! hope yall fared better
  2. I have no clue? But also like they’ve already given two definitive timelines lol how long must we wait
  3. this is what I received today, I guess it may be longer than this week. “Award decisions regarding scholarships are still pending, but we will notify all applicants considered, however, when scholarships have been exhausted. I'm sorry that we do not have a more definitive timeline and appreciate your patience.”
  4. has anyone heard anything within the last 2 days? I have a deposit deadline tm and admissions said everyone would hear back at the latest early this week
  5. Im feeling the same way. I don’t know if I will have time to appeal if the offer is not enough w other deadlines approaching. Cross country moving is soo expensive. Hoping aid will be generous for out of staters!
  6. I still haven’t, not sure why such a delay?? I am also feeling very nervous about it.
  7. Just a little fyi for everyone still waiting for aid info! this is what someone at admissions sent today: “The School of Social Work intends to send out notices of departmental awards by the end of March. We also send out a blast email to all applicants letting them know that all aid has been awarded so that they have some closure if they did not receive any departmental funding.”
  8. I feel you, it’s all been so drawn out ;( I spoke to someone at admissions and she said award amounts are typically on average around 6,000 and a third of incoming students receive them. Hoping it’s a little higher since I’ll be moving cross country. here’s to hoping for some news this week!
  9. Hi everyone! Has anyone heard anything from the department about scholarships and financial aid yet?
  10. Congratulations everyone!! Just heard back as well and it feels like such a relief, hopefully financial aid packages come soon!
  11. Also got into UW day!! Hope everyone hears some good news tonight!
  12. haven’t heard back either;( been anxiously waiting all week and also kinda prepared for bad news at this point
  13. For those that have heard back from Berkeley, did offers of admission come with info on scholarships and funding? Thank you!!
  14. I interviewed early Dec and heard back exactly two weeks later. I’ve heard of people hearing back within as soon as a few days so it may be much sooner. Good luck!!
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