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  1. The location--mostly it works out with my personal plans. I also enjoyed their admission process (up until now when we're all waiting for fin aid).
  2. Hey! Some others and I were saying over in the UW MSW thread that we haven't heard anything either. It's frustrating!
  3. Has anyone received any notice of departmental award yet? March ends tomorrow, so I'm a bit concerned :(.
  4. Anyone applying for the assistantship position for admission? I checked recently and have been shocked by the application requirements... a cover letter and 3 questions (up to 500 words for each responses)! I guess it makes sense because the position is valuable--I just thought the admission application was the most work already lol.
  5. Thank you for the insight! I'm waiting patiently (sort of) haha!
  6. They gave me until March 31st. Best of luck to you
  7. Thanks for letting me know! I heard from them about my acceptance on the 16th and waiting on their financial aid. Hope you hear back soon!
  8. Does anyone have an update on BU? I applied 2/4 but haven't heard from them at all aside from the general newsletters.
  9. Not yet It's a bit frustrating how long this whole process is taking them, although I recognize this year's pool is a lot more competitive.
  10. Thank you! I applied to the Day program on 1/14! Thank you! Yes, it's for 1 year!
  11. Hey y’all! Just updating that I got notified about my acceptance to UChicago today! Hope you get the news soon!
  12. Hi everyone!!! I got accepted to UW Day program!! Hope you all will get your decision letters soon!!!
  13. Hi!! I’m also out of state and accepted. UW is my top choice too. I didn’t receive information on scholarships but am waiting for fin aid information!
  14. Hi everyone!! I got accepted to the Day program!! Waiting on the financial aid package. I’m soooo excited!
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