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  1. Hi all! I'm deciding between U Chicago (cheaper due to scholarships) and UW Seattle(more expensive). However, I noticed the salary for social workers is much higher in Seattle than in Chicago, even when compared to cost of living. What do you think is the better long term financial decision, due to the networking opportunities I will likely have in the city I attend school in? Also if anyone has opinions on these schools, let me know
  2. That's bizarre, because when I went to a presentation last week they said 'we just got a huge donation so that may be good news for a lot of you.' Wtf? Did you talk to a student specialists or an employee?
  3. What could possibly be taking them so long lol? Seems like they must've come into something unexpected?
  4. Nope! Last time I talked to admissions they said by the end of this week. I think they keep pushing it back.
  5. I haven't gotten any scholarship info. I want to go to UW, but since I'm out of state now I'm really anxious. I'm not sure if I can justify it without financial aid.
  6. I heard back in late February but I applied early (Nov 15). Now I am waiting on financial aid. What makes everyone interested in UT (just curious )?
  7. Anyone still waiting on UCLA? Now I'm getting worried that they've lost my application or something lol
  8. The slots are full for me too, however I did not get the email saying the first email is a mistake. I also sent them an email about not being able to sign up. We are in the same boat!
  9. I want to but I'm nervous where to even start. Do most people just send an email?
  10. I'm going crazy waiting to hear back from SDSU and other schools. I've been playing a lot of skyrim to try and take my mind off it. It wasn't so bad waiting until this week, but since its March and starting to feel like 'decisions season' now I'm a mess lol
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