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  1. anyone hear anything yet? I know that today was the deadline for people to accept or decline some scholarships/fellowships that went out, but judging by this thread it seems not a lot have aid has been offered past the exorbitant federal loans.
  2. that is VERY bizarre. i don't like that they're telling people different things? this was an employee. i was going to go to that presentation last week but had something come up last minute so i would've loved to hear that. the cost of this program is oppressive and i just don't really understand what... the big hold up is?
  3. nope. i chatted with one of the specialists or assistants or something and got an answer that was along the lines of "scholarships are far and few between this year and if we don't give you enough money then maybe UW isn't the school for you" which has basically completely turned me off to the program. i got more scholarship money from other programs and i have decisions that are due to other programs this week. this is very unprofessional and obnoxious on uw's part.
  4. Financial Aid packages came through at like 10PST last night (which, whatever, lol) and... oof
  5. Not as far as I know. Honestly, this whole process is wearing me out, lol
  6. Same as above - location works out and I really liked the admissions process. I liked what I saw of the program from talking with current students and admin . They also seem to have a lot of student affinity groups which was important to me. Also saw on Discord that some people received scholarship letters today. Anyone get good news?
  7. Thanks for responding! That makes sense. Are you international? re: finaid in general, in the info session we were told that hopefully decisions would be made by.... next week. so. another week. to wait.
  8. Interesting for UW. What documents did they need, if you don't mind sharing? Most folks have only gotten info from FinAid saying that the intent was to distribute it by the end of March.
  9. Not yet here, either. The financial aid portal hasn't been updated either, so I'm guessing it'll all happen in one fell swoop? Hoping it'll come by today or Friday at the latest.
  10. Someone on Discord said that they spoke with a student specialist and that the specialist said the committee is meeting next week to discuss aid since acceptances are still going out. Sooo maybe next week or the week after?
  11. Ahhh so late here. But I was also accepted into the UW Day program! Still waiting on finaid info, but still, sososo excited!
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