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  1. Yeah, fair enough! Good luck, I hope you receive good news about the PhD funding. Thanks for answering all of my questions. The NSSR is my last chance to get into a PhD programme in the US this cycle, so I’m really keen to hear about any updates!
  2. Thanks for replying! Well done and congrats!! It’s great that you were offered full tuition- I think that’s pretty rare, so congrats! Did they mention a fellowship for living costs or anything?
  3. Congrats! That’s amazing! How were you told? I applied to the PhD and I think they said we’d hear back on the 15th, but I’m checking my emails and portal every day... was wondering if someone reached out to you or if it was a generic email? Thanks
  4. Congrats!! Would you mind sharing who the email was from and if your Uchicago portal has updated? Thank you!
  5. Trend seems to show that rejections come very soon after acceptances (the next day or two).
  6. I think someone claimed for Theory too? But I haven’t seen any for CP yet. Have they been from the DGS? I think they’ve only been sent by professors? As perhaps professors are sending out informal acceptances in their own time? Not sure! Fingers crossed they haven’t finished sending out decisions yet... good luck to you!
  7. Thanks for replying! I wasn’t sure if the ones for yesterday were real or not as they haven’t been claimed here yet.
  8. Hey, congrats to those accepted to Cornell! I just wanted to check that nobody has claimed an acceptance to Cornell for CP yet? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for your message. It’s so annoying. I reckon I’ll just stick to this thread only from now on, it’s not worth the stress!
  10. Hey, can anyone claim the Cornell acceptances?
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