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  1. Anyone claiming the northeastern admit ?
  2. I sent them an email this Tuesday and they responded today. I had asked them for an update on when acceptances would go out.
  3. Dunno. Got an email from Academic Program Coordinator for Sociology today itself (initials LB). She could have said this week ... who knows at this point. I didn't know they were selecting 3 this year, I thought it was usually 5. That's just great.
  4. Same. Really amazing research on the Global South. Going to patiently go insane waiting for the email telling me how great my application was, but yeah.. nope.
  5. Confusing since I just now got an email from the academic coordinator at JHU that they plan to make decisions 'towards the end of February'. Maybe that's just for the rejects lol.
  6. Just checked results page and seems like someone's got an offer. I haven't heard from my POI at JHU at all, and as you both said, they anyway admit a very small cohort. Hope you both have better luck than mine
  7. Hello everyone, I just made a profile here and wanted to thank all of you for the helpful updates and kind words as we go through this phase together. I was wondering if anyone had heard back from McGill and Johns Hopkins. Also, is there anyone who has neither been accepted, waitlisted or rejected from University of Toronto ? My application status is still 'under review' and the grad coordinator hasn't replied. I am wondering if they have forgotten about my application lol
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