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  1. Thank you so much for that clarification! It makes a lot of sense, maybe I was a little foolish to apply in my last year of undergrad... I'll try to do the same and give it a good wait! I wish you the best for your year abroad in Paris, I think you'll like the atmosphere!!
  2. Did you take a gap year or two after your undergrad to work? I'm wondering if that played a large factor in the admissions. Congratulations by the way!!
  3. Hi! I was also rejected from the dual degree sadly I'm a bit bummed because I put a lot of hopes in it but I think I'll work for a year and reapply next year. Congratulations to those that got in and good luck to the ones who didn't, we all have other options
  4. Thank you for asking your friend! That's good to know but also feels like such a long wait ahhhh... Also I'm not sure LinkedIn always tells people who checked them, it's really not something to worry about!! It's weird they didn't go private actually...
  5. No response yet for me. The person in charge of Dual Masters admissions at Columbia checked my LinkedIn last Monday, which probably means they're still looking at candidates and haven't finalized the list (unless they do it in one week but I kind of doubt it). I would expect to have to wait a little longer because SIPA will nominate its candidates and send them to Sciences Po, then Sciences Po will either confirm the list or reject some people. It has to go through two admissions committees and Sciences Po is notoriously slow. Good luck to all who applied for the wait!
  6. I have friends who study there currently in their masters and it seems like the Paris campus is quite small; it's a bunch of little buildings scattered around St. Germain-des-Près and depending on your "School" you would have most of your courses in one. As a result students don't get a true "campus life", however that might change with the "Artillerie" extension that is currently being built (not sure when that will open). If you went to the PSIA you would be on Rue des Saints-Pères! I've been inside it's actually one of the larger buildings of them all, everything is made of stone with some
  7. I was in Reims actually! I took the dual bachelor's with UBC and followed the North American track in France (dual degree students could not select Paris as a choice of campus) Did you go to Paris?
  8. Hi! So I've been lucky enough to meet three people from alumni of the dual master (they all took the PSIA/MIA track) and I can hopefully answer some of your questions from my conversations with them. First of all, I wouldn't worry too much about Sciences Po "lowering" the value of your degree. All three of them integrated SIPA really easily once they physically arrived in New York, since SIPA students are really outgoing and sociable. You'd just have to get involved in student activities and initiate conversations with people who already made friends with others during your first year. Ha
  9. Dual degree admission committees release their decisions all in one batch 2-3 months after the application deadline. I have a friend who was accepted to the dual degree with the Munk School at UofT less than two months after the deadline but I guess that's not the case for us... Still awaiting the decision as well for SIPA/PSIA, I was hoping it would come out this week because I was at Sciences Po for my bachelor's and we have to select our master's programs this weekend. Would've been nice not to have to apply to a second choice! Good luck to everyone who applied
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