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  1. Hello, I am pleased to share that I was offered admission on Friday! I hope everyone hears back from the school soon. Best of wishes!!
  2. I received a rejection letter from UCLA on 3/19/2021. It sucks, but I am glad the wait is over. Still waiting to hear from two more schools (CSULB & CSUF). Good luck everyone.
  3. Oh, thank you for your reply! I cannot wait until this wait is over.
  4. Has anyone been checking the Titan online student center? I just had my interview, and prior to the interview, there was no item under the "to-do" list. Now, after the interview, I see that a new item has been "initiated," which is the official transcript from my current college. (I am expected to graduate in May). Awww... ummmm.. I am trying not to assume anything, but it is hard to keep cool-headed. 😔
  5. Today marked 4 months since I applied to CSULB. I hope I hear from them already😭
  6. Hi, I just had an interview, and I am even more anxious now! I hope we hear from them soon!
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