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  1. I got waitlisted and eventually rejected from CSULA. They have 700 applicants and they said they couldn't accept everyone on the waitlist. I got accepted to CSUSB and CSUDH. No interview from CSUF yet, and no words from CSULB.
  2. My CSUSB application was sent to the department on 01/08 and I got accepted on 02/03. So a month after.
  3. Thanks! I applied to CSUSB 2 year program and I applied on 12/22. I did not get interview for CSUF yet. I hope I will get an invite for their 2nd wave of interviews.
  4. I got waitlisted for CSULA. They say they may call us in for interview. I also heard CSUF released their decision for the first wave of interviews, so check your portals/email if you interviewed already!
  5. Got accepted to CSUSB, and CSUDH. Waitlisted for CSULA. Still waiting to hear back from CSUF, CSULB, and CSUN.
  6. We are on the same both, it also has been 4 months for me.
  7. Anyone still waiting for CSULB? I applied in November and I haven't heard back. I know they sent out rejection letter as well but I feel like my application is not moving forward since I did not receive rejection or an acceptance. I never got the email that they matched my reference forms with my application. I saw that many people applied after me but already got in. How is this still rolling admission? I felt like they put my application on hold because they couldn't match the reference forms, I know that many people who applied early as October/November are also on the same boat. CSULB is my #1 school and I really wanted to get in but...seems like no hope lol
  8. I applied on 12/22/20 and it was completed and sent to the department on 01/08/21. Got accepted 02/03/21
  9. I got accepted to the 2 year full time program at CSUSB on 02/03
  10. I haven't heard back either but since the UC and other Cal States are currently sending their admission letters out there, hopefully there might be more spots for us at CSULB lol Does anyone know how big CSULB cohorts are? How many seats are there?
  11. California Schools of Social Work MSW Applicant Support Group It's a private group but a lot of members
  12. Your honor thesis on suicide among Asian subgroups sounds good for a MSW app. I feel like any kind of experience that involves helping the vulnerable or those at a disadvantage will help with your application. I am sure you did well! Which program did you applied to?
  13. The lack of working experience in the related field should not hold you back on admission. Research or volunteer experiences that are related to social work are also acceptable. You do not need a paid full/part time job in the social work field to get into the program but it also depends on whether if the program you're applying to is competitive and popular. What was the topic of your research and what kind of volunteer experiences do you have?
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