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  1. They're good stats but I really would recommend considering taking some time out of study post undergrad to work in relevant fields to both gain experience (both in work and in life) and to really test this as the right field for you, full time. I know some schools do state on their sites they expect 1-2 years relevant work experience post undergrad, and I think that really should be the bare minimum. It not only gives you an opportunity to try other fields, to experience direct hands on full time work in mental health, but also to really reflect on your career path, goals and choices/opportun
  2. Oh! Well that changes things a lot! It does sound like you're looking for a change of scenery, so maybe wait on SFU? It'll be very soon till we know! I just noticed that SFU isn't accredited by any of the bodies here in BC, it's still gives graduates the ability to be eligible to be accredited when you graduate, but you have to apply the long route which you don't have to do for other places like UBC, Adler or UVIC. I have no idea why that is the case though.
  3. Hmm, UVic definitely has a pretty campus, and the program seems a little shorter than SFU by about half a year, which is a bonus in terms of fees and getting qualified. It's also automatically accredited whilst SFU's isn't (for some reason, does anyone actually know why that is?). SFU though is in greater Vancouver, which may be a bonus if you don't like Victoria. I guess if you're going for the thesis route at either place, a good metric would be how compatible you are to the supervisor. That's definitely important to consider as a bad fit supervisor can totally tank your reseach experien
  4. I applied to the MA CCP at UoT and, sadly, got a rejection letter. I also applied for the MEd though, and the letter only states the MA on the title. The weird way in which UofT lay out their online system though has me wondering if it was a rejection from OISE (and both programs) or just the first choice, the MA, as the letter states. Anyone have any experience with this? Do we get two rejection letters or just the one?
  5. Offers went out as have rejections. If you haven't heard yet you may be on their pre waitlist, but I don't know for certain that's the case (I'm in the same boat, I know people who have both got on and been rejected and I've heard neither yet).
  6. Yeah, it seems to be a common problem with academia in general. Lots of boomers who for many years have blocked younger people from taking positions, all now retiring at once without replacements but having, through blocking younger ones from progressing in that field, few to replace them. I know many post docs who bailed on academia after constantly finding dead ends occupied by people in their 60's or older refusing to let them progress until they retire. Not to mention mental health in general is terribly funded and marginalized but with very, very narrow paths to being able to actually wor
  7. FYI, I heard word from the administrator that UBC received over 200 applications this year and only offered 20 places in total due to retiring staff, with this trend (of less places than in previous years) being anticipated to continue. With them also adhering to the policy of 50% of attendees being those with education qualifications, you're looking at maybe 10 places for those who aren't also teachers. Offers have already gone out and they are waiting on the responses to those for waitlisting/rejections.
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