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  1. I think any course for which you are earning credit will be seen as "serious." I've seen some people on this forum get caught up in the idea of having to take courses from Harvard or other Ivys and I frankly don't think that's necessary. For reference, I took multivariate calculus online through the University of North Dakota and was accepted into MPA/ID. I think as long as you are taking the course through an accredited institution (even a community college), the course description seems exhaustive, and you are earning credits (not a Coursera or EdX class), you'll be viewed positively. T
  2. Just my two cents. I would highly recommend taking another year or even two to keep thinking about what you want to do and how a master's degree fits into the equation. If you are depressed by your job, I would suggest focusing on an immediate career pivot. Instead of turning to grad school for that career change, I would directly apply to entry level roles in political risk, economic consulting, or international trade, etc. and exploring those career paths before considering grad school again. There are a few benefits to waiting: First, the more relevant experience you gain, the mor
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