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  1. Thank you all for your replies! I have a better idea now. I took a look at the map, looks like New Westminister - Columbia station seems to be an idea place to live in terms of commuting to both campuses. But looks like apartments in Surrey/ New West are more expensive to rent than those in Burnaby I dont really see anything below 600$ per bedroom here. And yeah I did hear a little about the crime rates at Surrey. I hope its not something I should be worried of.
  2. I will be going to SFU Burnaby Campus for my classes but my lab and my thesis adviser will be at SFU Surrey. Can someone suggest me places to stay considering the fact that I would be needing to go to Lab everyday but only 2-3 days in a week to attend classes? Also how is Surrey in general? Is it a pleasant place to stay? Thanks for your replies!
  3. Hello Dominika, Good to see more people going for SFU. I am from India. This will be my first time out of country. So really excited about coming to Vancouver
  4. Hello to both Henry and Anastasia Did you guys decide on where to stay? I am planning to stay somewhere in the North Burnaby area.
  5. Hello, I am headed to SFU this Fall too. Majoring in Computer Science.
  6. Wow thats a great admit! congrats! I got an MS/PhD fully funded offer from SFU, Canada.
  7. Thanks for the response Vacuum! I had a look at bus schedules at translink. No. 145 goes from production station to SFU in roughly 15 minutes. So staying somewhere around the Burnaby Lake or Deer Lake, taking the skytrain to production station and then taking 145 from there to SFU would take around 30 minutes overall and seems like a good bet to me. From what little I could find out, rooms near Burnaby Lake are being rented out for ~$500. Does this seem reasonable? Sharing this with a roommate would further bring down the cost. Moreover this area seems to be really scenic from what I've seen in the pictures. Looking forward to getting there
  8. Hi folks, I have been accepted at SFU for MS/PhD program starting this summer. But i will be getting there only in July and starting my courses in Spetember. I will be getting an RA of 24k per year and possibly some kind of scholarship. I am from India and am looking for possible roommates and apartments. I had a few places in mind - Deer Lake, UniverCity, North Burnaby. Can people throw some light on these places or suggest any alternate locations? I wouldn't want to commute to school everyday for more than 15-20 mins by bus/train. I know that SFU is on a mountain and not possible to cycle to school. Is this option completely ruled out then? I also want to have good access to Vancouver city to travel on weekends. Any useful information is greatly appreciated. Meanwhile I'll look at some of the links posted in earlier posts to hunt for apartments. Thanks
  9. Hello, I am a Fall '11 applicant for MS too. Where all did you apply and what is your profile like? I applied to ucla, ucsd, wisconsin, tamu, austin, stony brook, utah, minnesota and toronto, ubc, sfu in canada. Still havent heard from any university yet, although I have had a few encouraging email exchanges with a couple of profs.
  10. Hello gradcafe! I am an Indian Fall'11 aspirant for MS(CS) in US. I finished my BTech at NIT,K. I have 3 years of industry experience at IBM, LInux Technology Center, working as a part of kernel team. Have worked on a couple of open source projects and delivered a couple of features into the linux kernel mainline. Also was an Extreme Blue intern at IBM during my final year undergrad. My undergrad scores are not that great. I have a GPA of 7.6/10. GRE scores are 1400(800+600) and 4.0. I have written my TOEFL, yet to receive my scores. No Publications. I am interested in applying for MS, concentrating on research in Operating Systems. Ultimately I want to do my PhD, but I feel my current profile is not good enough to land me a PhD admit nowhere close to a top-20 school. So I would like to do my MS with theses at a research oriented school and then aim for a PhD later. I have come up with a list of universities based on the kind of work being done in OS. Please give me your suggestions. 1)UCLA 2)UCSD 3)UWisc 4)UWash 5)UMass 6)UMD-CP 7)UMN-TC 8)SUNY-SB 9)UoUtah 10)GaTech Thanks.
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