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  1. I would mostly agree with @kor_to_nola's list and also add Beeson Divinity School. I will say however that based on my own interpretation of the opinions I have seen on here, SEBTS, DS, SBTS and DTS should be avoided if you are interested in an R1 or even R2 doctoral program.
  2. Thank you for the heads up and advice @xypathos . I will try to tread as carefully and as openly as I am able moving forward.
  3. I appreciate your support and also your answers. It does seem like languages are king when it comes down to it. I will strive to apply what you have told me. Thank you @sacklunch . Best to you. If your training has been for naught, may that be changed. If it has not, may it never.
  4. Thank you @kor_to_nola . I am not in particular trying to stay in Cali, athough moving to Europe would be a big stretch. Some of the German schools and Oxford do interest me. DTS seems to be too one-sided for my tastes, and I have read from a Truett alumnus that the seminary is sort of distanced from the rest of the university and there is much more of a ministerial emphasis than academic. Nevertheless, I really do like what I have heard about TEDS and GCTS (I was originally set on GCTS because of the BTI). I think your advice on showing openness in the application process is probably better t
  5. Thank you @sacklunch . I appreciate that you did not beat around the bush at all with your input. It was very helpful. I am interested in getting into an R1 doctoral program, but not in teaching at such institutions. I would picture myself as a professor at a place somewhere more along the lines of TEDS. I recall you stating somewhere that even though you are a secular person, you have a strong interest in your field mainly because of its richness and impact on culture. I have similar sentiments and really just want to learn as much as physically possible about these fields that I am so fon
  6. Good morning everyone, New member here who has been a long time lurker. I am a third-year student at a small and little known TRACS accredited Bible college who intends to enter into an MDiv program for ordained ministry (military chaplaincy) in the evangelical tradition. A caveat however, is that I fell in love with scholarship in the first year of my studies and acquired a very strong desire and drive to go into academia after ministry. Thus, at some point I will go for a ThM/STM then a PhD/ThD in Theology, Hebrew Bible or New Testament. After spending a generous amount of time reading th
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