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  1. @Glasperlenspieler Thank you for the wonderful advice. I will try doing this immediately.
  2. @rising_star Yes, I feared that my request might be too vague. Sorry about that. It is vague may be because I, too, am NOT sure how to tackle the problem of improving my general writing skills... My university has a writing center, but it is very hard to schedule a lesson. So, I was just wondering if someone here had a similar problem and may be able to share their success story about getting better at writing in general...
  3. Dear members of theGradCafe, I am a PhD student who is in need of a wonderful writing tutor. I've searched all the forums listed on this website whose postings are related to the writing improvement, but besides the suggestions, like "write more to get better," I failed to find information about hiring a writing tutor as a way to improve writing. I know hiring a tutor is the most expensive way to improve your writing, yet I believe it is a relatively less risky method of improving my writing skills than the method of writing and reviewing my own paper over and over without feedbacks.
  4. Hi all, In my school, we invite guest speakers for a seminar presentation each week. This week, my advisor advised me to have a lunch with the guest speaker. The lunch usually lasts an hour. But the question is... What the hack am I supposed to talk about with the guest speaker? Any tips? Should I read up the speaker's research before hand to pretend that I know about the person's previous work?
  5. Other than the reasons that you beutify for the application, why would you pursue PhD in Psychology of your chosen discipline for REAL? I know what to put in my application that would help professors to make choice for their pupils, but I just want to know why others want this degree?... You can write anything from.... "I love research" to... "My parents told me to get one." Sincerely,
  6. Thank you, I didn't mean to offend anyone with my post nor I would have ever expected to offend anyone for just my wanting to get into Ivys.
  7. I am sorry I thought I clearly said "not so much" not "not at all"
  8. I think they are very concerned with Verbal and analytical writing scores. Not so much for quant.
  9. Thank you for the word of encouragement. But I decided to jump outta window tonight. (easier said than done....4 real)
  10. Project: Let's get rejected!!!!!!! Hi guys, I applied for 10 schools for PhD in Psychology and it's Feb. 18th and I have not had a single interview appointment! I kept denying myself saying that, since I am an international student, my decision will come later than the Americans. However, I am starting to accept the cold-truth. When I took a look at "admission result" of thegradcafe.com, I could not help myself but to compare rejection dates in previous years. This is what I found: Acceptance (Da gooot nus) : around late Jan to late Feb. Interview appointment : around Jan.
  11. Well, i was free basing my acceptance to be honest. It is one of those feeling that when you were HS student, you are applying to safety schools. However, if that made you feel uncomfortable, sorry about that.
  12. Thanks for your reply. Of course I am aware of the pure purpose of going into MA program. However, my dream is to attend Ivys. (I know, I know i should look more into "fit" than "name") What I meant by "extra" was my asking how to strengthen my future application besides the stuff that I might already know or something that can make me stand out from the packs
  13. oh yes, I have gained a year of research experience so far after the graduation of Bachelor's. I have worked in an university as RA for three months and right now I am working at a private research institution like Gallop.
  14. Hey, guys, I think I may get into Boston University and NYU for their MA psychology program. My goal is to pursue PhD in another school upon completion of MA in these institutions. In order to further strengthen my PhD application in the future, what should I do extra during MA program? Should I publish something with my name? (I heard it's hard even for MA students) Should I suck up to a professor who has connection with the university that I would like to go for PhD? Should I just focus on maintaining my GPA? Should I retake GRE? (current GRE score: V: 710, Q: 780) S
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