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  1. Hello, I actually have a high GPA and I have not been invited to an interview.I think it could be because of my Ielts score . I wish I have applied to other universities and not only considered Harvard divinity school. sending the best!
  2. Amazing! so happy for you ! I have not received anything.
  3. I have not heard from them yet.last think I got was the message about apologizing for waiting.
  4. I am applying for HDS ,MDiv . We will see ! I hope the best for all! I am an international student so might be tricky but not really since I used to have a friend from around the Boston area. Again, best wishes!
  5. I have not heard anything back from them about the interview, I have applied to Mdiv as well. I wonder if any Mdiv have gotten interview invitation. hoping the best for all !
  6. I am happy for everyone!! yes I am not certain whether I will get one or not. we did our best !
  7. MDiv, have not heard from them yet
  8. Could it be they don’t send inventions but before the day it will be done or so. but yes it is concerning.
  9. Could be they evaluate when they will start interviewing depending on the total number of applicants.It could be that not much applied so they are more relaxed. I am sending everyone the best. I am an international student and the time difference does not allow me to attend their zooms all the time. I am also quite humbled since I don’t think I would match with an American or western student accomplishments but I also believe each one of us have a gift to share and life does not stop on wether are we getting admitted or not. yet again, may we use it for goodness and love.
  10. Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. I have not received anything for now.
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