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  1. Turned down U Oregon and U Florida today. I hope that helps somebody!
  2. Just sent an email declining my Florida offer. Sorry it was so last minute! I was told that there were two places left, and I had a film and media studies emphasis. I really hope this helps out waitlisters--I feel your pain.
  3. Hi everyone . I will most likely be enrolling in Pitt for their English PhD with Film Studies emphasis (I'd say about a 70% chance at this point). Just wanted to say hello to any other potential Pitt students.
  4. I just got the same thing, woolfian. Looks like an unfunded terminal MA and haven't heard anything from the dept. Finding an acceptance buried beneath a bunch of links was certainly a new experience. I think the expression on my face went from expected disappointment to pleasant surprise to dampened enthusiasm. Still nice, though
  5. I just got an acceptance voicemail this morning from admissions. So Florida doesn't accept PhD applicants if you just have a BA? I had forgotten. Anyway, that's pretty much the last notification for the fifteen schools I applied to.
  6. Thanks for the clarification and the refreshing news
  7. Anybody else see this on the status page? Department Recommendation: Admitted, Conditional Doctoral, English. Graduate School Action: Pending I'm not quite sure what to make of it.
  8. I got the waitlist notification over the weekend as well. I was pretty surprised. Congrats to admits and good luck to the others on the waitlist.
  9. I got the waitlist notification today as well...not too experienced with the waitlisted situation either.
  10. @ladenkino, i'm on the film track as well. and i do agree that the correspondence has been very friendly and welcoming. i'll definitely take up the offer for a visit.
  11. Thanks for the info guys! Makes me feel good about Pitt.
  12. It's been my only acceptance/notification so far. Anybody else get in and thinking seriously of attending?
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