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  1. Have any outside-of-Canada students received their cheques yet?
  2. CGS is more prestigious and more lucrative (3*$35,000=$105,000 vs 4*$20,000=$80,000)
  3. Received (positive) news yesterday in Mississauga (I had SSHRC communications sent directly to my parents so I didn't have to wait for things to come all the way to the US of A; learned my lesson last year!) 20.7/30 Field: Education Studying in the US Wait listed twice, so third time's a charm!
  4. If you receive a letter, can you post where you're located?
  5. Winners posted: http://www.aauw.org/learn/fellows_directory/upload/fgaRecipients2011-12.pdf
  6. I'm in California. Although I had my full Canadian license, I had to re-do a driving test to get a California license. Bummer.
  7. Woohoo! Any idea how we will be notified? It seems, based on last year's forum, that the results were posted online on April 15th. Has anyone heard anything different?
  8. I don't think this can be right. In the past, acceptance and rejection letters have been sent out at the same time, and no one else has heard anything.
  9. I found my link in an old email - thanks for the heads up! However, while mine used to say "recommended", it now says "logged in" each time I check. Anyone else?
  10. About a week ago they changed the page that lets you check your status. Maybe applications are under review?
  11. Thank you! I hadn't seen the link If you search this forum, last year some people indicated that they stayed "recommended" on April 15th. Neither of them received the scholarship, so I was curious as to if/when everyone's status starting changing to "recommended and reviewed"
  12. Have either of you checked your online application? What does your status say?
  13. Last year I got a letter at the beginning of March, indicating that I'd made it to the second round of the competition. They will send a letter in March either way, so we'll all hear something soon.
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