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  1. 209-Psychology PhD- SUCCESSFUL!!
  2. still nothing... 209-psychology doctorate
  3. Ugh the waiting is killing me. Every time I see no update I feel worse and worse. Last year they definitely gave out acceptances first and then started sending the rejections. (psych Ph.D)
  4. psyched


    Just got my results- rejected Any one able to provide a little clarification on the ratings? What does your "Application Rank" number mean in respect to those who won?
  5. That list might narrow down and change a bit once you get into your master's more and likely have the opportunity to attend conferences and meet many of the faculty you would be applying to
  6. When my bookshelf was overloaded I just started adding wall shelves
  7. My GRE scores were extremely disappointing. However, I know that I do not do well on multiple choice tests, so instead of retaking them, I improved my application my getting some papers submitted for publication and focused on winning funding (SSHRC). After I did that I got into almost every school I applied to, even the schools that said they had high cutoffs for the GREs. Obviously, if you can improve your scores great...if not, it's not the end of the world, there are other ways you can improve your application.
  8. When I started last fall I have the same experience when meeting my cohort. The impostor syndrome for me set as soon as picked my school, and I have heard it never really goes away (there is always that small part of you that looks around at your colleagues and thinks what the f am I doing here). I think what is important to remember (and what I am still learning) is that they picked you for a reason. This is not the first year they have had applicants and they know what they are looking for, they would not have selected you if your application was not impressive. Everyone of your future colleagues probably looked at the list and had the same thought as you did! I am sure you are awesome! Be proud of all of your accomplishments- and congrats!
  9. psyched

    OGS - Any word?

    Me too... Unsuccessful Apparently, my application was good enough to win SSHRC last year, but not good enough for OGS... Now I have no funding or next year, because I was unable to apply to the tri-council again after having SSHRC this year... debt here I come!
  10. psyched

    OGS - Any word?

    This is what is bothering me so much! It really makes it more difficult when your colleagues all know their results and you are left waiting...
  11. psyched

    OGS - Any word?

    My apologies, I have read only the last several pages and have not looked back at the older ones. It does make me feel slightly better that rejections have already started coming out, which means they are not all being sent out at once...but the waiting still sucks!
  12. psyched

    OGS - Any word?

    In my program (psychology) several of the PhDs found out they were successful on the 14th and several of the MAs found out that they were successful on the 19th. So I am taking it as bad news that it seems many successful candidates have already heard from my program and I have not. Also, no one has posted a rejection on the forum yet....Are people just not posting it when they find out? Or have no rejections been sent out?....because if the second is true, there are a lot of rejections to come
  13. psyched


    I totally understand about the prestige that Vanier winners bring to a school and how they are more important than the MA awards. I am just saying that with all the press they are doing for the Vanier winners they couldn't just spare a few minutes to say hey you got the award will send more information later. I know that everyone keeps saying I am a shoe in but I won't really feel better until I know for sure!
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