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  1. Previous Schools (Name, type, or tier): UC Berkeley Previous Degrees and GPA's: Poli Sci with a focus of international relations/ minored in Chinese lit. and overall 3.4GPA GRE Scores (Verbal/Quantitative/Analytical Writing): 650/750/4. Previous Work Experience (Years, Type): 1year in Woodrow Wilson Center in D.C., .3 years in private sector doing management and service. Math/Econ Background: Intro Stats, and Microeconomics (didn't like theory much, so basically stats and econ. classes were rotten apples on my grade report) Foreign Language Background: 1 yr of French, 10yrs of Chinese Intended Field of Study in Grad School: IR\ management Long Term Professional Goals: foreign service/ state department Schools Applied to & Results: applied to UCSD MPIA, Yale and USC Accepted (zero funding): UCSD MPIA- no funding yet (have to wait until June I heard) Rejected: Yale- MA in IR Pending for decision: USC- Public Diplomacy Ultimate Decision & Why: UCSD-MPIA Overall reputation is good. This was my top choice due to area of study and the school location.
  2. ppl don't always get what you dream of. This is just how life is. So stop crying and move on. You didn't get in so what? Maybe that dream school of your is not a perfect fit for you after all. Cheer up alright. Think of those ppl who are suffering in Japan and those who got rejected by all of their dream schools. You are way better off than they are.
  3. nice place but do expect to see many homeless on Telegraph.
  4. I received UCSD IR/PS package last night. Information on school, program, and courses. No word about funding
  5. Got into UCSD IR/PS in Jan. Rejected by Yale. Still waiting for USC but I will most likely be going to UCSD IR/PS program.
  6. I totally hear you comrade! I work so I go to the library to work on my SoP and applications stuff over the weekend (don't want to stay home cuz way too many distractions). She knows about this and guess what, this is what my dear mother told family relatives and friends on the phone, "oh yea, young ppl now a days goes out everyday to enjoy their lives. they don't work hard as we do before" excuse me Ma'am
  7. I am depressed because my mom kept on making a big deal about me being rejected by Yale. I mean just because I didn't make it doesn't make me a loser. I told her I wanted to go to UCSD in the very beginning. Why can't she be happy for me that I am going to where I wanted to go.
  8. good luck! plus don't give up so early, you never know if Yale might decide to take you in
  9. Indisabelle, you are not the only one. Mine shows the same message
  10. ha found a buddy in here. hooray for rejected I had work experience and research internship experience at woodrow wilson center. GRE Q: 7500, V: 650 GPA:3.43 overall Guess it's my GPA that had me rejected
  11. I had the same question actually. the message states"by the first week of April". So guess decision is oozing out little by little every day/ or week.
  12. just got rejected but it's alright congratulations to you guys got accepted
  13. I sent an email to USC about a wk ago requesting the status of application. Got a line back on this past Saturday telling me "all decisions will be made the first wk of April"
  14. I was looking for advise too. Went to some stores last week, a rep. introduced me to Acer. It was very light, easy to carry, LED screen, which saves battery life. it cost about 500 USD. I am not sure about it tho, I heard Acer is a Taiwan brand, but how good is it? has anyone test it out?
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