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  1. I too haven't got any interview, and only had a couple of visits to my portfolio website, lasting no longer than a couple of minutes; they had a look at only 3 or 5 projects, out of more than 10.
  2. As far as I know, score in Verbal doesn't matter at all unless you apply in Humanities.
  3. ringo-ring

    Losing hope

    What's the matter what you chances are? The graduate admission is a lottery. Even a stellar application won't guarantee you an admission, and the bad one won't necessarily be detrimental (and I would say you have something in between despite your GPA). You can never be sure before you get the results, so what's the matter guessing - Just keep truckin' along!
  4. Man what is the matter 170 or 168? I got 166 preliminary result after testing, wasn't able to access my official score until 17 days after test date (despite they've promised results to appear on Dec, 8 for test-takers on Nov, 28) and when it finally appeared, it was 160 (!) for Verbal, they stole six points from me Now I cannot even access the diagnostic service - it says data incorrect, but I'm sure I type in everything as it is: registration number, test date, possibly I forgot my birthday? Well I'm not applying to English program so 160 is OK, but still this is kinda annoying, Damn ETS!
  5. I've submitted my application this week. Has anyone got interview already?
  6. There should be a number called impact factor somewhere on the journal webiste. The higher the better
  7. The copyright shouldn't be a problem a long as website is private. For example you could make a login form so that only adcoms who have the password from SOP can see the pictures!
  8. Did you try contacting the professors? I just applied this Wednesday I have a website very similar to yours I guess everyone will have something like this in their application Regarding chances, they don't require GRE - so GPA may be not important as well
  9. Well I'm in the same boat. My official GRE Verbal score turned out to be six (!) points lower than estimated, on a new scale
  10. Just got a rejection letter: "Your record and qualifications are very good, and we have no doubt of your ability to earn an advanced degree and that you will have a successful career." Ironically, it was sent out on the 1st of April
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