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  1. I like my colleagues. They are good people who it is easy to be friends with.
  2. Well, I did end up also getting a reader/grader assignment, which means it is a split appointment of two very different kinds of work. I would have been totally fine with any sort of assignment, really, it's just that now I feel like it is going to be a lot more work than if I were just a TA or something, meaning that two 25% appointments seem to add up to more than 50%, especially because I have to be oriented for this research assistantship. The other awkward thing is that I get the impression I was sort of forced upon my research assistantship professor because that person's department actually has money. I'm really not at all helpful for that project.
  3. Nytusse

    Am I Accepted?

    That is a truly puzzling email. I think that would have driven me crazy if I received it...especially after business hours when nobody could answer my questions. I think it is some kind of good reply, but apart from that....? Funding is just in a miserable state all around right now, it seems.
  4. That was my experience previously as well, but apparently the norm in my program is for the professor to decide what counts for what as far as grading, but if he or she allocates, say 30% for section performance, then I might have to have my own syllabus reflecting THAT grade breakdown, my expectations, etc.
  5. OK, to extend my rant, I have finally gotten my assignment. It is a research assistantship in an area both geographically and methodologically NOT close to my interests. I got the impression I was basically stuck there because there was nothing else to do with me. Then I was informed that the RAship might be reduced to 25% and then I would get a reader/gradership....which would presumably be about a day before the class. I feel not only personally stressed but professionally irritated because this is all making ME look like a flaky student.
  6. Hello all. Just a grad student rant. This upcoming semester is my first time getting a TA assignment, and apparently everyone else in my program is already set up, and I haven't heard a peep. Once I get the assignment, I have to meet with the professor, make a syllabus, get office hours, procure a desk assignment, and get the necessary textbooks. Classes start in a week, and they are still "making decisions"! It is getting rather (highly) stressful sitting here waiting.
  7. I know a little something about your area, so I'll be glad to take a look.
  8. I also chose to make the switch from a Master's in religion to a PhD in history. For me, I did feel that there was something more methodologically compelling about history versus religion, although my fit with history is not exactly perfect. I have consistently heard that there is more of a market for religion profs. Yes, they may be having a tough job market now (like many other people), but I would still say that it is slightly better than history. One caution--and maybe it isn't as valid for medievalists--is that I have felt, and still sometimes feel, skepticism from historians regarding my "rigor" because I came from a Divinity school. Many people assume I am some sort of devoted minister or something, and there have definitely be times I felt that I appeared to be less serious as a historian. When I applied last year, I actually heard back from one professor that I should have had more LORs from historians, even though two of my letter writers were HISTORIANS (by education and by practice). Apparently, history of Christianity or something similar just doesn't count?
  9. You should probably make a new post so that it is clear what was changed.
  10. Yes, your GPA is a bit low, but I knew students at HDS who had similar grades, and even not-so-great GREs. I don't see any reason why you can't get accepted to one of the programs on your list, provided you can write a strong SOP. I would give some thought to the type of doctoral program you would eventually like to apply to, however (if you are planning on this). Coming from an MTS, I feel there was some skepticism toward me from History departments, and I can only imagine that this would be worse with a straight divinity degree. If you feel that this would be a terminal degree, or that you would likely stay in religion departments, then the MDiv will work very well. From my own experience, I have noticed that professors outside of religion have often assumed I am a minister of some kind, so you have to consider this "marketing" aspect even more seriously with an MDiv.
  11. I think it is really, really strong, just a couple of points: "though I must admit that seeking to make the world a better place cannot be an uncommon reason for seeking entry to divinity school" Seems like a rather weak ending to your first paragraph. I think it might be stronger to end the sentence before that clause. Your fourth paragraph, the "fit" paragraph, seems like it should be more toward the end. Last sentence, fifth paragraph is awkward. The idea is great, but reword it, maybe break it up into a couple of sentences. "This element of struggle is why I have no interest in going to the London School of Jewish Studies or Hebrew Union College, surrounded by those of a similar background to myself." I dislike this immensely. Don't explain why you DON'T want to go to other schools; focus on why Yale is the place for you. But overall, an interesting SOP, fairly similar to the tone I used in my statement for HDS when I was accepted.
  12. I think your question is probably a little hard to answer for most of the posters here! I was going to jump in and say, NO, no creativity in the SOP, but for creative writing....yeah, I don't know. I would carefully look at the prompt for the program, and perhaps even email someone in the department about what they are looking for. I would imagine they also ask for some kind of writing sample, so that may be a more appropriate venue to show your creative side.
  13. I am curious how often everyone keeps in touch with professors from undergrad or other programs, especially LOR writers. Do you update them once a year? Once a semester? Send cards over the holidays? I have no idea how much is too much, or how little is too little, especially with my Master's degree professors who are quite busy.
  14. Let me just tell you from experience: A) An Ivy League school wouldn't accept you if they didn't see something great in you Ivy League students are not necessarily smarter than you...they just speak a different language. You will realize that a large part of the culture is simply figuring out how they make their points. Shortly thereafter, you will also realize that there are plenty of people who can name-drop and use big words, but aren't really saying anything all that intelligent. Believe me, you will come into your own. Don't let them intimidate you.
  15. I'm just wondering what you are hoping to get out of a second MTS?
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