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  1. Which program in CEE? I received admit letter for SDC.
  2. Hi Any news of funding/Financial aid from Stanford ? who all accepted?. Should we have a seperated thread for students heading to Stanford for fall '12
  3. Just for curiosity, Is the resolution applicable only for US & Canadian universities? Are European universities signatory to it?
  4. Did anyone attend visitation day. Please share your experience. Any idea about Financial Aid for fall 12?
  5. Hi, Did anyone attend the CEE visitation day program on 16th March 2012. Request please update.
  6. Hi, I am admitted to the SDC program. Thought this would be a nice way to meet everyone who's admitted to Stanford CEE this fall!
  7. Hi! I got into the MS Sustainainable Design & Construction program at the department of Civil & Environvironmental Engg. I'm from cochin, but I study in SASTRA university, Thanjavur. Nice to meet you Did any of you get funding details? I've been told that they'll let me know in the week of March 19th, after the visitation day on 16th. I'm still waiting for the Berkeley decision to finalize though.
  8. Got admit from SNRE @ Umich. Any one else ?
  9. Got email confirming admission. Any one else ?
  10. Anyone admitted for this program? I got the admit. How do you rate this program on sustainable systems ?
  11. Can you pls post your profile. Planning to apply for fall 2012. Thanks
  12. Your profile pls. am planning to apply for fall 2012
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