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  1. Hi guys, Congrats to everyone! I didn't think April would ever come and now we can finally breathe again. Woohoo! Spacescoe, Anjelika and bippitybop; I look forward to meeting you all if you decide to go to Western! Let me know if you need any information about London/the department/where to live if you are unfamilar with it...I am currently here and happy to help (I know moving is stressful, I did it across the country a week after I was married last year!). I agree, the waitlists change so much--many individuals who were accepted applied to a number of universities and can only g
  2. Thanks raspberry peach, it was very exciting to be accepted; however it's been a bit of a rough ride these last few months with changing programs and waiting. I know this is not a lot of help for the programs outside of Ontario; but the previous statistics for UWO and UofT are posted here: http://www.ouac.on.ca/statistics/orpas-application-statistics/ SLP000123; I hear Dal's very difficult to get into due to the limited number of seats and it only has a couple spots open to out-of-province students, so it's quite the accomplishment to get on the waitlist--seriously! I hope you get into
  3. I hear the UofA has a very solid program and I have heard a lot of positive feedback about it. I don't think there are any restrictions for being out of province...I think I've only read that about Dal's program? I really hope you get in and we will be reading your post about where to live in Edmonton very soon (hopefully only a few more days if it's March 14th or 15th)! It sounds like we in the same situation but reversed, if that even makes sense; I applied to the Ontario schools and moved from Alberta last year--Beautiful here by the way; just am a bit apprehensive of this bagged
  4. Hi sirk88, I am too waiting for word on the SLP programs. Where are you from/Where did you apply? I know for UWO the results will come via email and a phone call on April 2nd (or sometimes a day or two early for the email/response via student centre) and I assume UofT is the same because the process is through ORPAS. I know this because I was accepted into Audiology last year. It is very nerve-racking to wait...YET AGAIN! but this forum helps to pass time. As for UofA, a friend got in last year and I think she had to wait a little longer then I did. I'm not sure about Dal, UBC or Mc
  5. It's wonderful to gain all of this information about the city and the uni. I'm moving from Alberta and am not really sure what to expect in London. Thanks for the advice on "Richmond Row" definitely going to avoid that area!!! I've heard that everything east of Adelaide can be a bit skeezy--is this accurate or are there areas in there that are pretty decent? I've had little luck with the apartment/townhouse hunt as well. Found one that I really liked and was reasonably priced (about 5 minutes west of the university too) but 7 other people beat me to it--an HOUR after it was posted. Gr
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