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  1. Re the Yale letter: note that the sender was from the Biology department, and the letter was sent from the Grad school office. That's the entire graduate school. It was in no way English-specific
  2. @urbanfarmer I feel like my rejection letter got lost. Surely they'd have reached out by now if my status were anything else. Lordy. May be time to send the ever-obnoxious email to the DGS, mua ha ha.
  3. Does anyone know what's up with USC (SoCal)? That's the last Band-Aid I'd like ripped off, and I see only one rejection on the board.
  4. To all the programs who have not yet sent out rejections: please do so. Most programs have sent out acceptances, including you. At this point, waiting much longer is simply trolling.
  5. Congrats to the Ertegun nominee!! That's one of the coolest scholarships I think I've ever applied for. I hope you get it!
  6. *sees post about an email to check the Yale website for a rejection letter, hurries to own portal, sees nothing, immediately tries not to lose lunch*
  7. @Bumblebea How is the cycling/biking? Would I get smushed in Columbus, or are there bike routes or respect for cyclists from drivers? That's my preferred means of commute outside of public transportation...
  8. I won't be able to go for logistical reasons, but I'd love to hear what you all think as well!
  9. Another grumble into the void-- no email from U of Toronto kicking me in the ovaries a bit this morning. I cracked and did the thing you don't do--emailed to ask about my status, part of my justification being that I live so dang far away that if I'm going to manage any visiting days, I'd need to know now, which is 100% true. But I fully expect them to respond with a rejection or radio silence. Sigh. I swear I'll be excited about having an acceptance and waitlist once my gut recovers from ~9 rejection punches and a 10th likely on the way. I know it's not personal, at least not entirely. I know this. But it still--feels bad! I just want all the rejections to come through so I can make a decision and start getting excited about what IS there instead of getting sucker punched by what ISNT.
  10. I was just looking at that @Yanaka. Seems like one person added the acceptances from nearly every Ivy across the past couple weeks. Lucky duck!
  11. Can programs do that? At least in the USA I don't think most programs can legally require a response until April 15 (at least if the acceptance comes with funding), and we can withdraw acceptances any time through the 15th. This thing. I have no idea if it applies to you!
  12. Honestly, and this is coming from someone who had to choose between four top ranked programs a few years ago, the only way I found to decide was to visit, be on the campus itself, talk to the people in person, meet the other grad students, and so forth. Numbers went in all various directions, and departmental reputations were of course spread out across my interests from innovative to tried&true, but none of that ended up mattering when it came down to it. My gut ended up telling me where I would flourish the most. For example, I went to visit one school I was really excited about and almost settled on (one of your options actually), and in <24 hours I realized that I could never live there and feel okay about the place, and the people there just didn't click. If the environment is miserable for your taste and the people unpleasant, it may come back to bite you in the quality of your work. If you get somewhere and feel like, "Yes. This is home. This place makes me feel really excited to get started," then you've found your choice. Maybe this sounds a little flimsy, but it worked for me. As many lists as I made comparing, I ended up just *knowing* where I wanted to go after I saw the place.
  13. Yeah, I was looking at the results page going, "It's quiet. Too quiet..." before realizing that the results submission page is broken.
  14. Actually the other one is in Religion (religious studies, not seminary.) It's on liturgical rhetoric and halfway an archival project. I made a whole flipping archive of 15 years worth of weekly essays. I don't want to see OCR software again for a very long time
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