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  1. (I do this every year) I haven't read through this, but for those who will be attending HDS this fall and are feeling lost, confused, like hell, etc. - and want to just talk or ask questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm not particularly good about signing in more than once every couple of weeks, but I can try and help as much as I can. I only do this, because I made a lot of decisions that I don't regret, but wish I had made slightly differently... all because I didn't know any better and was confused. Don't be like me! ASK AWAY!
  2. Just want to pop in and say good luck, everyone! I'll be applying next year (unforseen circumstances - the military doesn't give two craps about whether your spouse wants to pursue a PhD or not... and my hubby and I are being PCSed soon - he's career military). Hope everyone gets great news !
  3. In regards to MTS/MDIV/MA degrees, I don't think it matters all that much. I applied with 45%Q, 67%V, and high 70-something for writing and got into all six schools I applied to (I am NOT a good test taker - I got these scores even though my undergrad GPA was a 3.9 in two majors and my MTS GPA is 3.95!). Funny thing is, I know many people here at HDS and other Harvard graduate schools with the same scores (mostly in masters programs, but I know of some even in PhD programs). Howeeeeever, for the slew of PhD apps that I will be wading through this fall, I'll be studying for the GRE from now until Nov, taking a course, and more, because I'm more than positive that my GRE was what rang the alarm bells for the one and only school I applied to this past app season.
  4. I can only speak about my own classes/schedules that I have had (and professors). A lot of what theorykween said is absolutely true. Due to language courses, I have been on campus Monday through Friday, as my Arabic class has met from Monday through Friday every day since my first day at HDS. My other classes have often fallen between 3-4 days a week on top of these Arabic classes. One thing about Harvard in general (and HDS particularly) is that professors like leading seminar classes instead of flat out lecturing to their students. Therefore, your lack of participation due to absence will definitely be noticed. Even if there is a class in which the main component is lecturing by the professor, "sections" are set up in which the class is broken down into smaller sections an additional hour once a week in order for there to be more participation from students. So much is taught and learned during each and every class at Harvard, that I have done almost everything I could to never miss a class. Some profs are lenient in regards attendance policies, but most of mine have not been. In fact, in nearly every class of mine, participation has counted for 30%+ of my final grade.
  5. Hi all. This might or might not specifically targeted towards those who are entering into HDS for various programs (but really, anyone can be a summer intern). I've been the PP staff since I started at HDS, and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience working with Diana Eck and Whittney Barth (and also my awesome staff members). We are currently looking for summer interns (in and out of office to do ethnographic research and the like), and I figured some of you would be interested in applying. All of the information can be found here: http://www.pluralism.org/pages/applications/summer_internships. If you have any questions, I'll be here.
  6. For those that got into HDS and are more than likely going to go there, by all means, if you have any questions about the school, the area, living situations, the like, please do let me know. I may not reply incredibly quickly (I'm finishing out my last semester of the MTS here at HDS... and trying to finish out strong to apply to PhD programs later this year), but I will eventually reply. I made a lot of mistakes coming in and also felt so completely lost my first semester here, so I would love to help those who get so overwhelmed!
  7. Still keeping my fingers crossed for you, girl! (Also, just want to say I miss you and our Arabic sessions... because, well... I suck at Arabic and you helped me immensely!)
  8. I'm really sorry, guys. I don't know what would've caused the confusion with what the professor said. Perhaps he meant that the decisions would be released to the professors? I guess that would explain the one person being told they got in through their POI?
  9. I was wondering the same thing. It was confirmed by a professor here yesterday, so I'm wondering what's up! I'm really nervous for many friends who are awaiting results - including you guys! Other Harvard schools already released decisions today... so I'm not sure.
  10. thank you. I might be in denial or just in shock, or I could actually be genuinely excited. Only time will tell! Haha
  11. Harvard GSAS acceptances and rejections will both be released tomorrow - my insider professor just informed me.
  12. In all honesty, I had originally planned to take a year off anyway (between MTS and PHD). I just decided to change my mind last second (well, I decided in August to give it a shot) and simply apply to my number one choice in order to see what would happen (religious pluralism is a lot of what I've based my entire MTS degree off of, I worked for the Pluralism Project, etc.). It was an almost perfect program, back home, and the like, so I figured I'd try. It's all good. I'll just revamp my GRE studying (I'm sure a lot of my rejection had to do with my scores... they are abysmal), get married (NOW I HAVE TONS OF TIME TO PLAN FOR MY WEDDING! YAY!!!), study the crap out of Arabic, and go with my original list of 5 or so schools.
  13. Well, just got my rejection letter from Georgetown University.
  14. From what I've been told, all of those "accepted" now need a university acceptance (regarding diversity quotas and the like) and then everything will be finalized.
  15. I'm waiting to hear from Georgetown. Whaaaa??? oh gosh, I hope it wasn't theology!
  16. Well, I don't see any correspondence that could happen if it were a rejection!!!! !!!!!!
  17. Err. I meant email, lmao. LETTERS CAN BE IN EMAIL TOO, Y'KNOW! (Or something)
  18. Duke has started rolling out admits/rejections. I didn't apply, but a friend got a letter yesterday.
  19. If you don't mind me asking, what were your scores? You could PM if you'd like to keep it a secret. GRE scores are the bane to my acceptances, I fear.
  20. Anyone have any info on Georgetown? I'm not sure if they interview (or if they interview at all), but I know decisions are about a month/month and a half away.
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