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  1. I agree with SocialShawn, it sounds like you have a pretty good application! My understanding is that when they are screening applicants, they are looking at the overall fit with the program and creating a class with diverse experience. At this point, it is really outside of your control. You've done the best you can now all you can do is wait it out until March/April. Yes, these will be the longest few months of your life! But hopefully you will come out of it with an acceptance letter :)
  2. Jaylynn, I know how hard it is to wait, but if the person told you verbally that they will have it in by the deadline, trust that they will do it. How long until the deadline? Also, if it is a professor, just remember that they are busy marking exams/essays right now. That doesn't mean that they've 'forgotten' about the reference, it just means that it isn't their top priority right now. Hang in there, the person will do it
  3. top scholar Edit: This is in response to the original thread. If we're going with the next thread, my answer is: Hollywood brat
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