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  1. I would feel anxious too! I had one person who didn't send in their reference for months (I had submitted my application way early). What I did to 'remind' them was to send an email saying something like, 'there is still plenty of time before the deadline but I just wanted to make sure you received the link of where to submit your reference'. It worked because she submitted it within a day or two of me sending that email. She also apologized for taking so long. I think the key is to maintain that balance between generally following-up and nagging. If you've sent an email within the past
  2. I agree with Prophyry's comment. I'd also like to add that when I applied to U of T for the second time, I only made minor changes to my personal statement. For instance, I added a line or two about what I did to strengthen my application and I updated some points (regarding a social issue) that were no longer relevant.
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