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  1. Happy New Year!!!

    1. spectastic


      not me, I have to work tomorrow on this dumbass project that has absolutely no bearing for the level of priority it holds.

    2. 123hardasABC


      Misery here too...company?

    3. MSW13


      Well that sucks! Since you'll be up anyway, maybe take a moment to ring in the New Year and hope that 2014 will bear the fruits of all of your hard work :)

  2. "So when will you hear back?" "Have you heard back from any?" This is why I told no one that I was applying to grad school--well, except for my references. I only let others in on it (and only very close family members) when the deadline to hear back was a couple of weeks away. I'm sure I would have decked someone if they asked me those questions!
  3. Please keep in mind that a 51 page paper sounds more like a thesis than an "average" essay. I think it is important to remember that most programs are structured differently. For instance, some have the first semester dedicated to in-class only and then the next semester full time practicum only, while others (like the one I'm in) are a mix. This will greatly influence what you can expect in terms of course load. Also, if your program requires a thesis, that is where you will get that monster 51 page paper--but remember, the rest of your schedule will be adjusted accordingly. You will NOT have
  4. As well meaning as it is, it still bugged me to no end when I heard, "Don't worry, you'll get in".
  5. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and happy holidays to everyone else! :)

    1. nugget


      Merry Christmas to you too. Enjoy your well-deserved time off from school. :)

    2. MSW13


      You too, Jenste! Enjoy this brief break before the onslaught begins! :)

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