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  1. what is the difference between "constructive" work, constructive theology, and systematic theology? thanks in advance
  2. I actually heard this. Can you tell me a little more about the culture/academic atmosphere at vandy. im really on the fence between vandy and hds
  3. i think vandy is truly a wonderful place. you are very lucky! who is your POI if i may ask. i visited a few weeks ago and spoke with some wonderful people
  4. Wow - thank you for the very thorough and thoughtful feedback. I'm deciding between HDS and Vandy for an M.Div. Fortunately, cost is not an issue for both schools. Having a really tough decision deciding between the two.
  5. What academically is Vanderbilt strong in. What are their best specialities that they offer for students.
  6. can someone tell me the strong points (and weak points) of vandy m.div?
  7. wow - congrats on your union scholarship. that is very impressive considering their funding allocation capabilities. i bet many wish they were in your shoes!
  8. what are some of the differences between candler, emory, and yale?
  9. im so happy for you, all the contact that i have made with BC has been extremely satisfactory. it seems like it is a really nice place to enter into religious study.
  10. the vandy news is true....from what i can see....those awarded full funding packages are notified first.
  11. that is so exciting thank you for sharing this great news. best of luck!! bc is a most special place and i hope it works out for the best
  12. Is anyone interested in reading a M* personal statement for those of you who are already currently attending M*/*hD programs
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