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    Biblical studies, biblical exegesis, and hermeneutical methods as applied both to texts and to ethical interpersonal dialogue. My biblical exegetical interest is specifically focused on the Gospel of Mark, but I am also interested and involved in Patristic exegesis, early Christianity and the development of its texts, belief, and practice, and monastic history, theology, and practice.

    Hobbies: Spending time w/ my wife and playing w/ my boys; kayaking; motorcycles (dirt and street); piano and guitar.

    **Edit: I am now a PhD student. I have no hobbies
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    DU/Iliff School of Theology PhD

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  1. The Notre Dame ECS is an excellent program that sounds perfect for you, and it's fully funded (last I checked), but it's also pretty competitive. But's it can't hurt to apply (https://classics.nd.edu/graduate-students/ma-in-early-christian-studies/). Plus, you are interested in PhD, there's a perfect program for your interests as well: https://theology.nd.edu/graduate-programs/ph-d/areas-of-concentration/christianity-and-judaism-in-antiquity/
  2. Thank you both for the input. Good stuff, all of it. To answer, and clarify - First, another member said, "ANE is a notoriously difficult field to break into, especially if you don't have a certain academic pedigree. Many of my friends at "top" schools (Harvard, JHU, Yale, and UChicago) have completed 2 masters degrees before their PhD applications." But that aside, my primary goal in looking for this is not to be competitive (though I may have made it seem that way; my mistake). First, and primarily, if nothing pans out with PhD programs, I thought this would qualify and equip me to t
  3. I'm sort of reposting this from an earlier thread, because I made the title and content more specific than I intended it. So I'm giving it a second shot, but amended. Does anyone know of a school that has a distance learning program in ancient history (preferably with ANE courses)? I'm finishing up my MA at ND right now and was planning on going on to PhD studies... but I thought about adding to my repertoire by adding a History MA degree in a related field to help my chances for getting into a decent PhD program. I was hoping to possibly not relocate (for PhD) for another two years or so
  4. Thank you both for the input. Yes, I do mean one that does not require residency. So yeah, I know this is a long shot, but that's why I came here; ya'll are pretty well-informed in this realm. To answer your other question, There are two primary reasons for my desire to seek an MA in Ancient History. The first was that I thought this might better allow and equip me to teach at the local HS or community college level (if nothing else pans out) as my degrees are thus far liberal arts degrees in Bible and Theology. Ancient history (particularly ANE and its relation to developing cultures) is a fa
  5. I'm finishing up my MA at ND right now and was planning on going on to PhD studies... but the top-level programs will be residency programs and I may not be able to relocate across country when the time comes. So I thought about adding to my repertoire by adding a History MA degree in a related field (ANE) and would like to see if anyone knows of a school that has a distance learning program in ancient history, preferably ANE-specific. Long shot, I know, but hey... who knows. Thanks.
  6. Yeah, I got the same. They're just being cordial in their rejection of us. A rejection by any other words would stink just as bad... :/
  7. yeah... I actually look forward to telling a couple people I didn't get accepted just so they understand that not everyone who wants to gets to.
  8. Prepare for rant. Initiating in 3... 2... 1... I find it frustrating and disheartening when people say, "Oh, you'll get in." EsPECially when they, so full of wisdom with their great history of experience in applying to grad schools, declare it as if there's NO way you won't. It chaps my hide even more when you explain to them the rigorous process and how hundreds are vying for the same dozen spots and they STILL flippantly dismiss it as a shoe-in. As if anyone can go just because they're 'smart' or a 'nice guy.' I think what miffs me about this is the fact that they're not recogn
  9. After going through this w/ ND last year (sigh), it was my understanding that the offers of acceptance went out at the same time (possibly waitlist notifications, too), so if we haven't heard, we appear to be SOL. My official rejection notice came at the end of the month. Sooo... I would say (but I'm a pessimist, too) abandon hope all ye who linger here.
  10. Notifications of acceptance are generally sent out first week or two of March. Denials are generally toward the end of the month.
  11. Thank you, that info is just what I was looking for (and expected). Well, fingers crossed for MTS, then! Thanks!
  12. I'm applying to the ND MTS program for '14 but am going to apply for the MA in Theology program as well as a backup. One particular appeal of the MA is that I could stay here in CO (near friends, family, church, etc) and travel out there for part of the summer. So if I get accepted to both, I'll have to make a choice, and there are great benefits to both programs for me. But one of my main reasons for selecting the MTS program (and pursuing grad studies at all) is that it's intended to move one right on toward their doctorate, which is my intention. So the question is... is anyone familiar eno
  13. A religion prof, a priest, and a rabbi walk into a bar. The bartendender says, "What is this, a joke?"
  14. You know how something's funny at the time and then you sleep on it, wake up, and realized how dumb it really is? ...yeeeeah.... Ya'll gave some real good advice on the topic that (esp. after I slept on it) really confirmed my suspicions. Canis, you point out the real reason behind finding humor in it - well put. And marXian - most excellent advice to always err on the side of professionalism. Thanks, all.
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