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  1. Diakonos, would you be willing to share your score last year? I scored poorly this round and was wondering if you could tell us what you did in the meantime that might have improved your score (such as publications, conferences..etc). Thanks. Please feel free to PM me. Gutted today, but hearing from some of you that it might take a couple more rounds is comforting. Thanks for the encouraging words.
  2. Just opened my letter here in Toronto. Unsuccessful my score 10/20 -- whatever that means. Good luck to everyone else!
  3. Ditto. Good luck everyone! I hope you're successful crimsoc!
  4. I know, right? So confused about when letters are being sent out. So who wants to contact their dept admin?
  5. I hope you both are right and they're sent out this Friday. I was neurotic and checked threads from previous years. Looks like SSHRC mails out letters the second last week of April, and people started to report their letters around the 28-29-30 of April-ish. Yeah, total desperate speculation -- I know
  6. We should start a pool. Who thinks we're getting letters this week (those of us living in Canada)? Because I'm a bit of a pessimist, I think they're coming week of the 27th. Oh, and I'm in Toronto.
  7. I'm so anxious. Strangely enough, I kind of don't want to know. At least if we stay in limbo forever, I can't be extremely disappointed if I am rejected. It's such a crapshoot though, so I won't beat myself up if I don't receive it. But a rejection will sting nonetheless.
  8. Yes I think I know of one woman. I put "think" because I've never confirmed this with her. While I was an MA student, she entered the doctoral program straight from undergrad with a SSHRC. She took MA classes for one year but she was technically a doctoral student. I wasn't clear about the logistics of this: I thought she was an MA student the entire time I was there, but she only took one year to complete her MA and started her PhD the following year and had a doctoral SSHRC that she listed on her CV (it began the year she started taking MA courses with us). I don't think she applied for
  9. April is upon us. Last month of waiting everyone! *crosses fingers*
  10. Yes that is ideal. This is what I have heard: the reason why it's hard to get off the waitlist is because they supposedly make more offer of awards than they can actually give out, knowing that not everyone will accept (for various reasons like getting a SSHRC or going out of province for grad school). To get off the waitlist would mean that they didn't make their quota for a year. So yes I think a few people get off the waitlist but not many. Again this is all hearsay. Who knows!
  11. Oh and by "drink" I just had a coffee!
  12. Hey guys(gals) I've been absent for awhile but wanted to say thanks for all your helpful responses. SeriousSillyPutty, your post is amazing. I realize that not everyone is an expert at small talk and new social situations and that it can be fun once you get used to it. Update: met with the supervisor and it was totally fine. I showed up early, had a drink and thought of questions I could ask beforehand if things got quiet (like some of you suggested), and asked them when the conversation died down. It was great and totally not awkward. Honestly, this was the first time I was really chill
  13. Kind of: when your professors fill out the ref. form, they indicate where you stand for various categories compared to your cohort. You are ranked by "background preparation, originality, ability at research, research potential, industriousness, judgement, oral and written skills, and overall ability within the top 2%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 50% or bottom 50% of students at a similar stage previously evaluated by that professor." So in a way, you are competing against them. Also, your department ranks you before the applications leave the school. If you have a crazy cohort then I think this could hurt
  14. Hi everyone, Does anyone else have social anxiety? How do you deal with it? After recently accepting an offer of admission, I'm meeting my supersivor for the first time ever next week during a visit and I'm so nervous about this that I can't even sleep. We are meeting for coffee. My fear is that I will be on the spot, socially awkward and unable to come up with interesting things to say. I feel like the pressure will be on me to keep the conversation going. I am not very good with making small talk with strangers. We've talked on the phone and from what I can tell this person is a very n
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