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  1. It's worth looking into Johns Hopkins. They have a lot of students working in South Asia, and your interest in media (and interdisciplinary background) might work there.
  2. This is worth checking out: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2011/02/16/anthropology_master_s_are_most_likely_to_bring_their_discipline_to_the_public#.T234uGPfN0A.twitter I've read the study (on practicing MA anthropologists), and it's very interesting.
  3. First of all, I would speak directly with faculty (and students, if possible) at UCL to see what kinds of positions their students are offered after graduation. Getting an estimate of the percentage of students who go on to PhD programs vs. applied positions would be ideal. If the program is going to prepare you for the jobs you want, it's worth considering, especially if you don't have debt left over from undergrad. There are definitely other funding options besides the big-name fellowships; you can start with a database like the one here: http://www.college.columbia.edu/students/fellowships/
  4. Johns Hopkins (JHU) update: I contacted the academic coordinator, who says that all applicants have been reviewed, but "Unfortunately, I have not been provided a date from the faculty when they will officially make announcements. I do, however, anticipate it being within the next few weeks." ??? I can't imagine that admits have not been notified.
  5. It sounds like you may want to think about specific research questions/areas/problems that interest you and use that as your starting point for choosing a subfield, as different subfields will allow you to pursue similar questions in different ways. And it's never to late in your program to start talking to faculty! I took a class in my last semester of undergrad with a professor that ended up being instrumental in helping me prepare for PhD applications and recommended me. If you're interested in medical anthropology, you can look into combined PhD/MPH programs or similar programs that w
  6. I'm also sociocultural; my area is food access/public policy/discourses of health, race & poverty. I can see why you'd be into American. I know a student there who's doing fieldwork in DC, too. FYI, the NSF won't fund your living costs if your field site is in the same city as your university. She filled her budget with other costs, but how bizarre, huh? And for what it's worth, my field site is NYC, and I was rejected from CUNY! What a convoluted process. Best of luck wherever you end up!
  7. I know how you feel! I was not prepared for the possibility that I may have to apply again next year, but it's definitely on the table now. I received an email from Dr. Leap. (I'm today's American post on the results survey.) It's nothing official, though, so you may still hear from them! I know they accept some students w/out funding and offer MA admission to others. What's your area?
  8. American U update: It appears that American has extended the first round of funded PhD offers. I'm in purgatory. Um, yeah, I mean on the waitlist. Best of luck to everyone as the season winds down!
  9. Southern Illinois University At Carbondale (SIUC) Anthropology, PhD (F12) Accepted via E-mail on 6 Mar 2012 A 7 Mar 2012 Just wanted to say congrats to the above poster! I didn't apply to SIUC, as my research is NYC-based, but I'm slightly jealous of anyone who's going to spend the next 7 year in the vicinity of David Sutton. If you're a food anthro, I'd love to get in touch and hear about your research! Feel free to PM me.
  10. Woah! New Rutgers rejections are logged—I hope I'm still on that waitlist. Best of luck to those who received notice with their other programs. But the real question is, has anyone heard anything from Johns Hopkins? The admissions coordinator wrote that they were reviewing apps only a week after the deadline, but we still have no news!
  11. Hi, fellow American U applicants! I got up the nerve to email Dr. Leap today, who reports that they're currently reviewing applications and that competition is tight. (Surprise!) It's better than a rejection, anyway. Best of luck to everyone.
  12. I am also waiting on American. I have an acquaintance (grad student) in the department and emailed her last Friday to see if she had any information. I don't know much about their process, but they fully fund around 4 or fewer students per year. Some who are rejected from the PhD program will be accepted into the MA (Public Anthropology) program. I may email Dr. Leap or my primary POI if I can't take the waiting this week. Best of luck!
  13. In the case that you are rejected, it may be that they contacted accepted/waitlisted students via phone or email but forwarded your name to the university to send you a rejection letter by mail. It would account for the delay. You can always email someone to check the status of your application if you can't wait any longer!
  14. Ha! Are you waiting on American, too? I'm in the same boat. Perhaps they're doing everything by mail? I may email my primary POI tomorrow.
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