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  1. Well, DTW is not actually in Detroit. It's in Romulus, which is only like 25 mins away from AA. Detroit itself is about 50-60 mins away from AA.
  2. Hey errybody! Meant to send this sooner, but I also got in! Hooray! See everyone else on March 23rd?
  3. I go to Michigan currently and applied as well. I talked to one of the people I know in the office and she said: "Applicants will be provided decisions by mid-February, if not before. We have a tight timeline for admitted students to apply for internships and that requires decisions to be made in early or mid-February so that they can apply to internships before the end of that month." Thus...hopefully soon.
  4. Where do i go for that? Sorry...I'm pretty much new to the site.
  5. So I just got in to Vanderbilt for an M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration. And by just got in I mean like 7 days ago...but anyway. Who else has?! Anyone else going to Visitation Day on the first weekend of February?
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