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  1. Does anyone know someone who's been accepted in the past? What kind of stats did he/she have in terms of gpa, gre, work experience etc?
  2. Got 100% tuition at HDS, but only for the first year it seems. Is this typical or will it be automatically renewed for the second year? I'm so grateful for my offer but was hoping to get a little bit more. Does anyone know of any good scholarships that foreign citizens could apply for? I'm thinking of smaller ones that can help cover the cost of books and various fees.
  3. I got in to HDS!!! I'm so happy right now! This is a dream come true for sure! Tomorrow is the big day though since admitted students will hear about funding. I keep my fingers crossed. By the way, can I assume that I got into the concentration I applied for?
  4. Thanks everyone for the responses! I've decided that retaking the GRE probably isn't worth it. Instead, I'll focus on my PS and the other parts of my app. Any general advice for the PS? I've written a draft and I am trying my very best to avoid the trap of just restating facts that can be found on my resume. Someone suggested that I should apply for the MDiv program due to the higher admission rate. While I am, still, a little confused as to the exact differences between MDiv, M.T.S. and M.A.R., I don't think MDiv is an option for me. I am interested in the academic study of religion an
  5. Thanks for the replies. I will try to retake the GRE. I was bummed to see the low score on the verbal section, especially as I had been scoring above 160 on practice exams. Oh well, guess I just need to hit the books and start studying again.
  6. Hey all, I need some help to assess how competitive I am as a candidate and whether or not I should retake the GRE or do anything else to increase my chances of getting into a good school. My dream would be to get into the MTS program at HDS and I want to do everything I can to increase my chances. Since HDS doesn't publish average GPAs and GRE scores of admitted student I was wondering if anyone on this forum could tell me (i.e. make an educated guess) of whether or not I have a chance of getting in. If you are able to say something about how likely it is that I will receive funding that w
  7. Hey folks! I’m applying in the upcoming cycle and was wondering if I have a chance to get in anywhere. I don’t know what schools/programs to apply to (if any) since I don’t know if I am competitive. General: I am a Swedish citizen but came to college in the US on a scholarship. Undergraduate institution: Large public university (top 30) Undergraduate GPA: 3.98 Last 60 hours of Undergraduate GPA (if applicable): 4.0 Undergraduate Major: Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies (Summa Cum Laude) dual major GRE Quantitative Score: 146 on last practice test (Kaplan) GRE Verbal Sco
  8. Is this chart HDS specific? If not, it is of limited value since all schools and programs have their own requirements. BTW, if you guys get admitted to HDS, what are you thinking about doing afterwards? I worry about employment prospects and am not sure that I would enjoy academia.
  9. Ok thanks! Remember, you are talking to someone who doesn't know much about math so would you mind walking me through the steps? So, to check how many different combinations there are for 3 selections out of 9 total I do 9!/(6!*3!)=84 ways . Is there a formula I can memorize for this? Is it: total number of items ! / (total number of items - number of items to be selected !) x number of items to be selected ! ??
  10. I haven't taken a math class in forever and it seems like the little I used to know is almost completely gone. Can anyone explain how to tackle the following problem? "Kristen must select three different items for each dinner she will serve. The items are to be chosen from among five different vegetarian and four different meat selections. If at least one of the selections must be vegetarian, how many different dinners could Kristen create?" This is the type of problem that makes me go "Who cares? I'm in the social sciences" but I guess that's not an acceptable answer. The right answer
  11. Hi! Where can I buy practice tests for the GRE? I have previously been studying for the LSAT for which there are plenty of tests with authentic questions that are easy to get a hold of. But when I search on amazon.com I can't seem to find any practice tests for the GRE.
  12. Thanks for the response! Seems like they are quite generous when it comes to financial aid. Is it entirely need based? As I wrote before, my family is not poor but I am completely independent and come straight out of college. I would therefore need some type of merit based scholarship in order to be able to attend. The alternative would of course be to take out loans which sounds risky given the economy. What do most people in the MTS program end up doing after graduation? I would love to continue to get my PhD so I can teach somewhere.
  13. First time poster so please be nice I have some questions about the MTS program at Harvard Divinity School: 1. Is the GRE required/recommended? Is there an “unofficial” cut off? 2. How flexible is the curriculum for the MTS program? Can students choose pretty freely or are all the classes selected for you? 3. Are there any current students at HDS who would like to share their thoughts about the school? 4. How easy is it to get financial aid? My family is not poor but they for sure won’t give me a dime so without financial aid I can’t attend. 5. What are my chances of getting in? I
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