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  1. Anyone hear from BU since last post? I emailed two POIs (sadly they are not in adcomm this year) while got quite official responses saying that it's still the final stage and I would be informed once the notice been made. And one POI says its normal that department makes decisions in March, even April. Don't know if they will admit any students in sociology of religion this year.
  2. a LLB from the top 1 China's law school plus one year of legal assistance experience in a NGO. Two MAs in Political Science: one was in American Constitution and Public Law, another is in minority politics and religion & politics, both are from programs who are marked as conservatives (sigh) in the states. Currently a non-residential research fellow in a law school in Shanghai. Two years of ethnographic research experience on religious and ethnic minorities, three publications, and several conference panel presentations in political science though I think it may not help.
  3. Hi, I am applying for the JSP this year. Don't know how large and competitive the pool is and what's its cut off. So anxious...
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